Black sand beach on the Big Island.

Black sand beach on the Big Island.


Congratulations to you and your athlete for earning a spot to Kona for the Ironman World Championship. The TriWives have been here multiple times, both for the race and on vacations, so have a lot of experiences to share.  (Check their The Sport of Spectating- Kona Travel Quick Tips for a taste).  In fact, Sherry even got married on the Big Island.  I am here to augment their expertise with specific guidance about Kona and the beautiful island of Hawaii that I have the pleasure to call home.

My name is Kathy Boyd, and I am the lead concierge for Local Expert here on Hawaii’s Big Island. I have worked with Dana and her family for many years since they have been coming to Kona.  I understand that your focus will be on the race, but many people opt to come early or stay late to take in some of our one-of-a-kind experiences and to feel the spirit of Aloha.  Also, don’t forget the time difference for many of you, if you need an excuse.  I can only say that I hope you have enough days on the island to enjoy all of the amazing experiences we have to offer or to just lie in the sun and relax!

I have personally “field tested” many activities on the Big Island and would love to tell you all about them! Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing details about some of the island’s BEST ACTIVITIES – coming this Friday, BEST RESTAURANTS, and BEST THINGS TO DO WHILE YOUR ATHELETE IS TRAINING!  So, keep checking back with the TriWives and I will be reporting live from KONA on race day!!!

You can find my contact information on facebook at Hawaii Local Expert.  Make sure you “like” the page so you get all the updates while on the island and to see me “out and about” experiencing the diverse climates and scenery that Hawaii has to offer.


Update 2015:  Here’s the link to all of our Kona Bound articles.