We’re getting closer and closer to THE DAY…..Kona bound.  I’ve now heard, “My mind’s in Kona” multiple times to be precise.  The bike has been packed up, delivered, and per Tribike Transport’s message, picked up and on it’s way to heaven.  The shirts and pants have been separated in the closet into “what I’m taking to Hawaii”.

The spare bedroom has become more cluttered with tri stuff and there is a gathering of tri supplies in the middle of the basement floor.  And, the dining room table has started to fill up with non-dinner related items…Okay, part of the clutter in the spare bedroom is my stuff, too….


I guess there are some food products included…

His cold is much better, thank you.  Still a bit of a cough, but never settled in his chest as is usual.  Continues with the “heat training”.  Perhaps this helped with his cold.  Having episodes of calm interspersed with periods of tightly wound behavior and not sleeping well.  Explained away as lots of “stress”, but that could easily be from life, too or me…Even fell asleep on the train last night and missed his stop…


Is this the look of someone stressed or annoyed at me for taking his picture once again?

I’m most worried about leaving Kayla, my 13 year old dog who HAD cancer, for 12 days with our sitter.  She has been absolutely fine, but it seems I have a habit of always being away when something happens with my pets, even as a child, seriously… Plus, things often seem to go wrong with the house when we travel.  Does the same thing happen to you?

So far, the TV in our bedroom has died and I found water all over the floor in the basement from a leaking water heater….I’m now in a state of waiting for the other shoe to drop, which sucks.  This should be an exciting, I’M GOING TO FRIGGIN’ HAWAII, time and I just keep thinking, “will Thursday come already”…


She loves herself some comfort…

In terms of preparing for landing on The Big Island, I’ve made some dinner reservations for while we’re there – just to have.  We’re actually going to a few we’ve recommended in our Beyond Ironman Kona series and our Restaurant Picks. (Really didn’t mean for this to be plug, but that’s how it seems, I know…)  We usually just eat at the hotel if not at an event, so I thought we best be a bit adventurous this year and practice what I’m preaching to all of you.

One of our biggest challenges at the moment seems to be with our rental car.  We both will be needing the use of it this year and that will be tough.  Guess who gets priority with the car?  Can’t he just use his bike?  I’ve got some interviews set up, including one with triathlete coach extraordinaire, Matt Dixon, of PurplePatchFitness, so will need the car myself.

Anyway, as you are reading this, I am on my way to Hawaii and the other shoe did not drop…So my next entry will be from The Big Island.  Until then…

Of note:  May be a good idea to download a copy of the Ironman Athlete Guide before you leave, so you have the schedule of events, course information, etc. and watch the Ironman site for any updates.  You can look into the Ironman VIP Packages.  These give you lots of benefits, including better and unique access to viewing spots, banquet admissions, VIP lounge access, and in one package, you even get to place that finisher’s ribbon around the neck of your triathlete.  They are VERY expensive though…..