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Designing Triathlon Spaces – An Indoor Bike Training Room

Hopefully, you read our Designing Tri Spaces – Storing Your Bike article and would now like to move on to designing a total training room.  Or perhaps, you just need to find a space for all that gear that comes with doing triathlons and need some help knowing where to start.  Arlene Avidan, of Avidan Architecture & Design, is back to show you how uncomplicated it…

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Designing Triathlon Spaces – Storing Your Bike

We were recently visiting friends at their newly remodeled house in Maine.  The conversation just naturally steered towards triathlons, training, and then towards tri spaces – we had two triathletes and an architect present.  My first inclination was to figure out how to turn the conversation into an article for The TriWives and my second  was to convince our architect friend, Arlene Avidan, to redo OUR…

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what are some spring cleaning tips for used triathlete gear
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  Whether race season is winding down or it’s just been awhile, it may be time to do a little “spring cleaning” of used triathlete gear, especially before next season. Did your triathlete buy a new bike, wetsuit, or wheels this year and you’re now wondering what to do with last season’s? Do you have a closet filled with used sneakers just waiting to find…

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Sometimes it’s just not convenient to go to the gym/pool for a swim or you can’t swim outside due to the weather; that’s when an endless pool starts to sound really good.  We actually installed one two years ago, as winters where we live can be long, snowy, and bitter cold.  If you are tempted to look into an endless pool, here are some factors…

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If you are ever called upon to pack a tri bike, here are some suggestions for making your life easier.  I’ve had too much personal experience doing this, as my husband often gets stuck out of town (how convenient) and I end up transporting the bike and meeting him at the race. You do have several options besides traveling with the bike yourself.  These include…

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