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spring cleaning hacks
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20 of the Best Spring Cleaning Hacks

Get your home feeling fresh, tidy and clean with these 20 spring cleaning hacks. Practical and easy, they will quickly become a part of your annual spring cleaning routine!  As we dig out from the cold winter and get ready for the warmer, spring weather, there is nothing better than giving everything a good spring cleaning. After months of practically being hermits indoors with snow…

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What You Can Do to Make a Political Impact

Yes, this is an election year and a biggie. We will be choosing a President, along with every House seat and many Senate seats. Not to mention all of the local elections. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to get involved in the process or you’re already active but want to do more, wonder no more.  There are a myriad of ways to…

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what are some do's and don'ts for making pizza at home
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A Chef’s Do’s and Don’ts for Making Pizza at Home

Pizza is an almost universally loved dish and has become an increasingly common item on menus everywhere. Since we are families of triathletes, we’re all too familiar with eating pizza. But, we’re not talking post-race pizza here. We’re talking restaurant style, yummy, gooey pizza topped with all our favorite ingredients. It’s just always been a bit difficult to replicate that taste when making pizza at…

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what's the best way for cleaning triathlete gear
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Tips for Cleaning Triathlete Gear

With the end of triathlon season quickly approaching, it’s time to think about cleaning all of the gear that has probably been neglected much of the year or left to be “cleaned” by your triathlete. Now is the time to really get in there and get all the sweat and bacteria out of there. If you make this a joint weekend afternoon project, they feel…

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triathlete party
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We can’t believe it’s close to the end of triathlon season. While it has been a quiet one for us, it has still flown by. Since we know it can be difficult as the partner of a triathlete during race season, why not take advantage of this time of year to celebrate that you get a bit of a break and have a party! It’s…

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what are some tips for dealing with being a triwife
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Living with a triathlete has both its rewards and punishments; its ups and downs! Since rewards are so much better, we thought we’d share with you some tips to keep the punishments to a minimum. We’ve collected a few tidbits of good information over the years, as we’re sure most of you have. So, let’s make all of our lives just a bit easier AND…

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Hairstyles For Race Day That Work And Look Good

IMAGINE…You’re a sexy girl triathlete with locks of hair blowing majestically in the wind as you, glistening, run in the sun.  You “Bay Watch Style” flip your wet hair up and in slow motion, exit the ocean and head into T1. Okay, so we all know this doesn’t happen to any of us… Let’s face it.  For the triathlete woman, hair is a REAL challenge…

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We hope you read our first article on the Unique Characteristics of the Triathlete Wardrobe.  With piles of sweaty clothes from our triathletes, plus piles of kids’ sweaty clothes from their sports, we’ve done our share of unpleasant laundry.  Okay, add in our own sweaty running clothes to the mix, but sorry, the smell is just different and usually not dripping wet.  So, based on…

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  When I saw that Rick Gerrity, a professional photographer extraordinaire, had offered to take any TravelingMom willing to make the trek into New York City and give them a lesson in taking better photographs, I signed on without hesitation.   If you read our article, Taking Creative Action Shots That Wow,  you will recognize his name as one of the contributors.  I first met Rick at…

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