Safe and secure in it's bike box...

Safe and secure in it’s bike box…

If you are ever called upon to pack a tri bike, here are some suggestions for making your life easier.  I’ve had too much personal experience doing this, as my husband often gets stuck out of town (how convenient) and I end up transporting the bike and meeting him at the race.

You do have several options besides traveling with the bike yourself.  These include TriBike Transport and FedEx.  With TriBike Transport, you deliver the bike to a designated location and then they pick it up and deliver the bike to the race site.  The triathlete then picks it up and the process reverses after the race.  They’re even offering a new valet service where they pick up the bike and transition bags for you!  The fees are generally around $300. FedEx is also a possibility and some of the international races offer a service through Schenker that takes care of EVERYTHING for you.  The cost will be a bit more, but they pick it up at your house and take it through customs for you, so you avoid all the hassles.

The first time I was left with the overwhelming task of packing a tri bike myself, I put the bike and the case in the car and took it to our local bike shop, where they walked me through the procedure.  The second time, I found this great video and now it is my go-to.  I followed it step-by-step and survived, but most importantly, so did the bike.  A big thank you to John Brame at for letting us share.