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Top Tips to Handle The Dreaded Cancelled Flight

Now that holiday travel season is upon us, it’s inevitable that people will face the dreaded “CANCELLED” post next to their flight at the airport.  I don’t need to tell you that it can really make your travel experience awful or even ruin your whole vacation.  We’ve faced it more than once and if you haven’t, consider yourself really lucky and please share some of…

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Girlfriends Getaway: Have A Blast & Stay Friends

Recently, I traveled with my BFFs and it was a blast; challenging at times, mind you, but a lot of fun. Traveling with my girlfriends is great way for me to get some much needed time away for my routine; talking about things you can only talk about with “the girls”. If you’ve never traveled this way before or it’s been a long time, maybe…

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When Your Travel Expectations and Reality Collide

You book your trip because a friend said it was their “best trip ever”. You don’t do your own research or check out other reviews, because you figure your friend wouldn’t steer you wrong and if they like it, you’ll like it. After all, it does seem like the place is just your style. Then this happens…your luxury travel expectations and reality collide. Believe me,…

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I travel a lot, but more often than not, it’s based on my husband’s triathlete training and race schedule or the kids’ activities and not my dream vacation.  But, every once in awhile, I take the opportunity to travel just for me and go where I want.   See, I’m quite happy and comfortable to travel solo – which I realize makes me something of…

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My husband and I were so fortunate to take 10 days and travel from Paris, France to the French Riviera, stopping at a few choice venues along the way. While I just can’t seem to get enough of Paris and find something new and exciting each time I visit, I now can add a few other lovely villages and towns to my love affair with…

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