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Cyber Monday Travel Deals Fit For The Triathlon Lifestyle

Travel and triathlons go hand in hand, whether it is to train, to race, or to escape. And, we know all too well that with the cost of a triathlon lifestyle, saving money on travel is a huge plus. So, we searched for some of our favorite Cyber Monday travel deals fit for the triathlon lifestyle and are happy to share what we found. British…

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How One Triwife Blew Her Chance For A Triathlon Free Life

As a triwife, I’ve lived a dream existence for the past year and a half. I’ve been on actual vacations where the word triathlon never came up in conversation. I’ve gotten to sleep in until 7am and had many nights of dinners and movies with my husband. Sherry WernickeSherry is one of the TriWivesClub and LifeDoneWell co-founders and contributes to multiple blogs. She is a…

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what to do on a non triathlon weekend getaway
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Getting away and having a non-triathlon weekend vacation is just fine in-season and trust us, everyone will survive. In fact, we think sometimes it’s just what is needed for a bit of rejuvenation and is actually great for everyone, including the triathlete and the family. The first step, though, is actually leaving home. We do not recommend a staycation for this getaway. Staying at home…

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how I live happily with a triathlete
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When All Else Fails, Have A Cocktail And Enjoy The Triathlon Ride

There is triathlon training season and then there is triathlon training season. The training goes up and down based on when the race is and what type of race it is. There are A races and B races and then there are the “it’s just for fun” races that they treat like an “A” race. You also have to consider where in the training cycle…

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which toys to leave at home when headed to a triathlon
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Which Toys To Leave At Home When Headed To A Triathlon

If you are headed to a triathlon with kids in tow, there are great toys to bring to keep them entertained, but there are also certain items that you should really leave at home. I’ve learned this the hard way through personal experience or actually seeing it happen and going, “Oh, that’s not good”. From being too heavy to lug around with you all day…

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ironman 70.3 california
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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it. It can be difficult traveling to triathlons. Throw kids in tow into the mix and it makes it even tougher when you’re traveling to the races. Picking the location, making sure you’ve packed everything EVERYONE needs, traveling with a bike, packing up the car or flying, getting that right-sized rental car, unpacking at the hotel, being left…

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taking a triathlon season off from the triathlete lifestyle
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As you read in the mate to this article, there are a lot of delightful advantages to taking a year off from the triathlon circuit. More sleep and less laundry being two of the best for this triwife, not to mention cocktails… But, with all good there must come the not so good… My triathlete husband and I did find ourselves sort of missing triathlons…

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taking a triathlon season off
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Well, I have to admit that my triathlon life is nothing short of a roller coaster. The 2014 triathlon season came to an abrupt end on May 30th at the hands of a drunk driver. 2015 started with Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico, then ended quickly at Ironman Texas. It was a long, hard race and seemed as if his body had not recovered properly from…

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taking a sailing vacation
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How to Train For a Triathlon Even On a Sailing Vacation

  My husband and I are getting ready to set sail shortly for a 10 day sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. While it sounds amazing, it is coming just at the beginning of my triathlete’s intensive training season. As you can imagine, there was much debate in our household over being able to do this trip at all with our friends and still…

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