Dear Parents

During our recent trip to Puerto Rico, there happened to be a number of young children traveling with their parents.  I have kids.  I have nieces and nephews.  And, I traveled with them at all ages.  In fact, I’ve flown solo with the twins since they were 11 weeks old.

I love kids and I particularly love to see families that travel, but after listening to what went on in the airport AND on the plane, I have to say I was a bit taken aback by what I heard and witnessed.  So, I decided to let you in on this and see what you think…

Here are my suggestions for The Top 5 Things NOT TO SAY to Fellow Travelers When Traveling With Children:

  1. When your 3 boys are jumping hurdles over people’s carry-on luggage in the waiting area at the airport and successfully knock over someone’s coffee, do not say:  “Oh well, boys will be boys”.
  2. When you sit down with your lap child, who is not under 2, please don’t say to the person sitting next to you right before take off: “Too bad you have the worst seat on the flight”.
  3. When your child escapes the “family room” in the lounge, because they have been left alone in there while you are off getting food or that glass of wine and you return to find said child dancing on the table in front of me, do not say:  “Get off that table before I beat you again”.  Yes, this really happened in the Centurion Lounge!
  4. Always a favorite and yes, heard again in the lounge: “We can wait until we take off to change his diaper”.  Pass the nose plugs, please.
  5. And please, I hate to say this, but I buy the ticket I buy for a reason and I pick the seat I pick for a reason.  So please, I truly beg you – Do not sugar your child up to keep them “happy” so that they end up with so much energy that they need to run it off up and down the aisle in flight, knocking into passengers en route.  And, if you do, please if you are in coach, don’t let your child run through through the curtain and you announce, “Sorry you lucky people in first class, but my child needs to run.  Hey, at least she’s cute”.  It unfortunately took a while for the flight attendants to get the situation under control and all the parent said was, “She’s on a sugar rush.  What do you want me to do?”  Seriously??  Who gave the child the sugar?

So, what does everyone think?  Am I being hypersensitive?  Are my expectations of behavior too high?  Or, have you felt like me?  Would love to hear your opinions…