My diary…

Okay, I know I have it good and I’m not complaining at all… I’m going to Kona for 12 days for the Ironman World Championships and a bit of vacation on the side.  Granted, I will be working for both TriWivesClub and TravelingMom, but I’m sure I’m going to find time to play and party.  Plus, I have tons of friends and family who will be there, so WooHoo!  At the same time, I’m also very appreciative of this opportunity and realize it doesn’t come along very often!!!

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The piles grow each day…

While I’m under little stress for the trip and it will be easy for me to pack – one of the advantages of triathlons – always very casual –  I thought I might chronicle what’s going on in my house as we get closer to the race.  As I said, we’ll be gone 12 days, which means we’re heading out Oct. 2.  Part of the reason is adjustments that need to be made.  We do live on the east coast, so there’s a huge time difference to overcome, plus major weather change.  You don’t find a lot of flat, hot, and windy bike courses in New York.  In fact, pretty much the opposite.

The bike has been sent off with its “doctor” for a check up, preventive maintenance, and some TLC.  While my dining room table still remains my dining room table, it won’t be for long.  One of the guest bedrooms is already slowly being taken over.  Each day, a few more clothes are finding their way onto the bed.  Familiar names are emerging – Ironman, Sugoi….


A tradition in Kona for good luck – I Love You Carl….

He called on his way home from work last night to let me know he wasn’t working out, because he felt a cold coming on.  “The body’s in the can, anyway”.  He woke up this morning and stayed home from work.  “Stuffy nose, can’t risk it”.  But, somehow he managed to get on that bike in the basement….He’s started doing “heat training” in prep, by wearing long sleeve shirts and pants when he runs and rides.  As if he wasn’t sweaty enough….

So, I will be writing updates between now and the race and then do a quick post-race follow-up, good or bad.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my diary…