Yes, a happy life with a triathlete is possible…

We TriWives have become accustomed to a life with a triathlete and the lifestyle of being married to a triathlete.  For the most part, love it.  It’s not always easy, though.  For us, it’s meant big changes in our day-to-day activities, vacations, personal life, dealing with the kids, etc.  So, we decided to look at what has worked and what hasn’t for us, to keep harmony in the family.  We have looked at this topic from both the male triathlete’s perspective and the partner’s perspective and now are looking at it from a brand new angle – the female triathlete.  Tami Timmons, an age-grouper triathlete since 2003, has graciously agreed to give us her DO’s and DON’TS as a wife and mother.  Enjoy!


Tami Timmons – You Are An Ironman!

Hello.  Just a little introduction: I’m a regular ole’ mom that loves to bike and run.  The swimming is just part of the triathlon deal, so I get it done.  It was hard, in a way, to come up with Do’s and Don’ts pointed at my family to make me happy as a triathlete, because the opportunity to even do the sport makes me happy…and additional demands felt…well, ridiculous!  But, I managed to scrounge some up.  I am not a blogger or a professional writer, but hey, all are true, come from my heart, and are definitely coming from a female/wife/mommy perspective.

DO:   Know that your support means the world to me.  I am embarking on a pretty selfish goal and most likely fulfilling a dream. Supporters of dreams are the key to my success.

DON’T:  Be surprised if things get a little bit smellier in the house.  Three different sports create some funky smells around the workout area and the laundry basket.

DO:  Enjoy the healthier foods that find their way into the house. Successful triathletes fuel well and the whole family benefits.

DON’T:  Be too aggravated when, after long bike and run days, a certain triathlete in the house will not be able to stay up to watch your Netflix picks after you put the kiddos to bed.  I cannot help but crave 8pm bedtimes.  It will get made up to you.

DO:  Expect empty bed space in the early mornings, especially on the weekends.  I want to fit it all in without being absent for the family’s weekend activities.  I need to get my 4-hour bike ride in and still take the kids to their soccer games.

DON’T:  Be surprised if my body changes during training for my triathlon. I will become a bit hotter, so enjoy.

DO:  Take advantage of this by telling me about how good I’m looking.  I might just find that extra energy and you’ll get lucky.


Tami and her trisupporter.

DON’T:  Let me shirk my duties as a member of this family.  With gentle reminders for me to do my fair share around the house and with the kids, I will stay grounded and know that (unless I am a professional paying the bills doing triathlon) at the end of the day, taking care of business at home keeps the family together and happy.  If you are happy, you can support me with a pure heart–refer to #1.

DO:  Roll your eyes at me and walk away if I talk a bit too much about my SWOLF score, which zone I rocked on my last run, or the watts I pushed up the 10% hill I climbed on today’s hill repeats.  I promise not to be offended.

DON’T:  Forget to pray (if that is your thing) or send safe wishes to me as I head out on a ride outdoors.  There are crazy people on the roads!

DO:  Buy tri gear for any and all holidays. I LOVE that stuff and it gives you easy ideas.  Boy, did I just make gift giving a piece of cake for you.

DON’T:  Let me monopolize all the inspirational energy in the house.  Make sure you demand time for all family members to follow their dreams and meet their goals.  This teamwork is essential for my success, because my biggest fans need to be fulfilled, inspired, and happy, too.

Tami Timmons has been married for 19 years and has 3 children.  She has been doing triathlons since 2003 and has won over-all in several age-grouper sprints and olympic distance events.  She has completed a half and a full-distance triathlon with, as she claims, the best supportive husband and kids around.  They push her to race year-after-year, when they follow the above Do’s and Don’ts.

You can follow Tami @Bikerrunnermama.