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We’re told to shelter in place. We’re told to limit our time at the market. And we’re told you can find what you need. Well, honestly, long before shelter in place became a thing, we had our favorite online shopping sites for basics for a few reasons.

First, we live in the country. This means our choices are limited and the distance we have to travel to get what we need is far. It is 8 miles just to get to the main road.

Second is the quality of the products. We are somewhat limited as to the markets we have, so the demand is a bit different here. We also have standards for what we will bring into our home. Organic products are a priority for us and we are mindful of how our meat is raised and fish are caught.

Finally, there is the ease. Honestly, my days are filled with work, farm, house, and family so the fact that what I need is on my porch allows me to do more. And for a bonus, there’s the cost. I do shop around every month when I put in my orders to make sure an auto ship price didn’t change or there is not a special somewhere else.

online shopping sites for basics

I know we frequently preach and fully believe in supporting our local vendors and we do as much as we can. But, for me, being able to shop online allows me to support local in other many other ways.

Disclosure: This article is not sponsored, but does include both refer a friend codes and affiliate links.

Here is where we are ordering from now for our basic needs…

Favorite Online Shopping Sites for Basics

Grove is our number one go-to for all our toiletry and cleaning supplies. In general, has the same values we do when it comes to what we bring into our home, so I can count on almost all of the products meeting my standards.

I order everything from toilet paper and shampoo to dish soup and dish towels to bug spray and face cream. It is truly my go-to for all my family needs, including the dog shampoo and poop bags.

five free products from grove collaborative

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Use this refer a friend link for a free 5 piece gift set and $10 off your first order.

Ocean Box

I cannot take credit for finding Ocean Box. My sweet husband found it. Yes, we live on the water where fish, oysters, and crabs are harvested daily and yes, there are fish markets around. But, we love fish and wanted more of a variety and honestly, many of the fish markets have wonderful local fish, but the rest of the products are not as good.

online sites for basics like ocean box

Photo credit Ocean Box.

So, he ordered Ocean Box and we are now on a larger monthly plan. One package, which is two servings, will give the two of us dinner and lunch the next day. Our favorites are the King Salmon and the Black Sea Bass, which we use for poke bowls.

Weals  love what Ocean Box stands for with their environmental and sustainability approaches. 


Oh, Chewy… We certainly have to include our pets in any online shopping sites for basics list! Chewy is the staple for products to keep the menagerie in our house well fed and happy.

My Fed Ex guy even knows the delivery schedule and which boxes go to the barn and which to the house. We order 80% of our dogs, cats, chicken, goats, ducks and guinea fowl needs from Chewy. Yes, you read that right…

chewy is one of the online shopping sites for basics for pets

Zooey resting after destroying her Kong from Chewy.

We do use auto-ship for most everything, but we do check prices each month to make sure it is still the best deal, even with the 5% off for auto-ship. We also order most of our medications for the animals from Chewy.

Perdue Farms

Full disclosure – I am both a Perdue Farms Partner (I assist with the influencer and affiliate programs) and my husband is the CMO and SVP of DTC.

There are many of the Perdue Farms lines that are staples in our freezer, including Harvestland Organic, Sonoma Red, Niman Ranch and Coleman. We just love the Niman Ranch steaks and lamb. The Coleman ground pork is a regular for both pasta sauces and breakfast dishes.

Perdue Farms pork

Photo credit Perdue Farms.

I have had the honor of meeting many of the farmers that supply Perdue Farms and see the farms. These are family farmers across the United States; often, generations of farmers working hard each day to supply our families with amazing, humanely raised and sustainable proteins. I also appreciate the care in shipping, right down to the sustainable boxes and insulation.

One of our favorite recipes, Greek Whole Roasted Chicken, is from 2DadsWithBaggage. You can also check out and order from Perdue Farms

Misfits Market

I just love my Misfits Market Boxes each week. They have been one of our favorite online shopping sites for basics like produce since last year. The company is a novel idea. They offer 40% off retail prices because they offer slightly irregular produce that they can’t sell to their retail stores. Trust me, you’ll never know you’re eating irregular produce!

While I do grow much of our food, I do not grow everything and I do not grow year around. So, Misfits Market is perfect for us. In the harvesting months, I can get a smaller box and pick the items we need to supplement with. Then, during the other months, we get a bigger box with everything we need.

online shopping sites for basics like misfits market produce

The box is 100% organic and they have more variety than most of our local markets. I am able to pick from different groupings to fill my box. They also have add-ons of produce and pantry items that have made my life easier.

You can get 25% off your first box my using my refer a friend code COOKWME-CD1GUU. Click here to check them out.

Imperfect Foods

What sold me on Imperfect Foods was the simple fact that the purpose of the company is to reduce food waste. Many of the items offered have simple label placement issues, an expiration date that is soon, or the company over ordered.

Imperfect Foods has a combination of organic and conventional foods, so you need to watch what you buy if that’s important to you. They also have a large selection for vegetarians and vegans. I love that I can get such a variety.

imperfect foods box of produce and pantry items

Photo credit Imperfect Foods.

Now, with a full house, we get the biggest box and a lot of add-ons. My standing weekly box is the Organic Produce Box Extra Large with add-on packs of Meat and Fish and Grains and Snack. I cannot currently get the dairy add-on where we live.

Use this refer a friend link and get $10 off your first order.

Daily Harvest

We have been ordering from Daily Harvest for years. I feel like we were one of their first customers. David discovered them when I was traveling all the time. Yes, I stocked the frig and meal prepped, but it was not enough. So, in came Daily Harvest and it has been around since.

In full disclosure, fast forward a few years and our daughter now works there! But, I still pay for our boxes. We recently got a sample box of the new flatbreads and they are so yummy!

online shopping sites for basics like daily harvest flatbreads

Photo credit Daily Harvest.

We love the ease of use for the smoothies. You just fill the cup with the suggested liquid (usually some sort of milk of your choice or coconut water) blend and go. 

Daily Harvest offers other products and the bowls are yummy, too, so check them all out. But if you use my refer a friend code you can get $25 off your first order: 

What are your go-to online shopping sites for basics?