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Making sure you have the garden basics can really make or break your gardening efforts. If you are hot or hurt or uncomfortable, you are not going to want to be out there in the dirt. I have 5 garden basics that will alleviate alm of that! Read on!

Starting a garden is hard work. There are a million different variables to consider even before you plant your seeds. And after planting, there is a whole slew of other questions to consider regarding cultivating and maintaining the health of your plants. But with these fabulous finds for the garden, life got a whole lot easier.

With that being said, there is a side of gardening that comes naturally. There is something instinctual about caring for the earth, and the earth giving back to you. Gardening is a great way to show the world some love, whether it’s a small row of veggies or a whole field.

what are some fabulous finds for the garden


So, what do you need to make your garden flourish? These garden basics are what I use in mine.

5 Garden Basics

1. Gardening Gloves

When caring for your garden, you need to make sure you are caring for yourself, too. It is absolutely imperative to have a sturdy pair of gardening gloves when starting your garden.

Your hands will be hard at work, so it is smart to have a level of protection to keep yourself safe from any irritable substances. This way, you can garden without worrying that you will cut up your hands or cause any damage to your skin.

what are some fabulous finds for the garden like gardening gloves

It doesn’t hurt if they’re cute, too! I love the pink John Deere All Purpose Work Gloves. They are quality material that protects your hands whether you are handling gentle cutlets or tearing out spiky weeds.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Having an organic garden is very important to me. That’s why I only use diatomaceous earth in my fruit and vegetable plots. Diatomaceous earth is a fantastic product that is totally non-toxic and organic.

There are many uses for DE, ranging from a food supplement to a pesticide. Whether its squash bugs or caterpillars, DE can be trusted to eliminate the pests, while keeping produce safe for my family to eat.

3. Landscape Fabric

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your garden be taken over by seemingly indestructible weeds. Without subjecting your garden to harmful chemicals, it seems nearly impossible to keep the weeds away.

However, there has been one product that I use called landscape fabric. It not only keeps weeds away, but also lengthens the growing season and promotes overall plant health.

fabulous finds for the garden on amazon

Draping a row of veggies in landscape fabric prevents the spread of nutrients to anything other than the plant, effectively killing weeds and unwanted vegetation. Landscape fabric also regulates temperature.

In the fall growing season, I have been using fabric to keep the soil warm enough to continue to produce my slew of fall veggies. I am hoping to continue to harvest for many more weeks! There are loads more benefits to garden fabric, and many variations of the product. I suggest you give it a try!

4. Gardening Seat

This fabulous find is simple, but crucial – a good, sturdy gardening seat. Many tasks in the garden will be hard on your body. I am always bending over and reaching across rows.

Implementing an adjustable seat/kneeler into my routine has been a life-saver. My back and shoulders thank me every day. Now, I can stay out in the garden for as long as I want without falling prey to lower-back pain. This is a must have.

5. Multi-Use Hand Tool

Rather than lugging around 10 different tools for each different gardening task, I like to condense my load and use an all-purpose tool. There are many tools like this on the market, but I like to use the Bear Paws Cultivator Claw.

With this tool, I can weed, aerate, and cultivate my soil without switching tools. Furthermore, its extremely durable and comfortable to use. Using this product will save you time and increase efficiency in your garden.

what are the best garden tools to use? Check out my garden basics!

You all know gardening has become a big part of my life in my transition from city girl to farm girl and I couldn’t be happier. These garden basics make gardening a little easier, which makes me even more excited.

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What organic gardening products do you use? What are your favorite garden basics?