ironmna 70.3 world championships

If your triathlete is like our triathletes, you’re probably the gift buyer in the family. So, we thought we might help you out and give you some ideas of gifts for the coach, nutritionist, pool lifeguard – whoever is there lending a hand in making your triathlete a winner!!! Here’s just a starter list of all the people we are grateful for in our triathlete’s life. We bet they’re some people you never even thought about!

  • the early morning lifeguards who watch our athletes swim
  • the person who opens the gym in the morning with a smile on their face, even though the hubbies really wanted the gym to open 30 minutes earlier
  • the board of the Triclub who volunteer all year long to make sure everything runs smoothly and kits are ordered and handed out
  • the tricoaches who put up with our triathletes, their schedule, and our families all year long. They provide the shoulder to lean on and the ear to listen when you just can’t…..

    what are some gifts for people in our triathlete

    Pro triathlete, Brandon Marsh, David’s coach

  • the nutritionist (well, not so sure we’re always grateful to this person) who helps them get a diet plan that fuels their bodies and keeps them healthy
  • and, we always drop off a little something for the folks at the trishop. They take care of us and put up with us when we bring the bikes in saying, “he said the thingy under the chain thingy is not working” or “he said he needs one of those pieces to rest his arm on, when he’s on the trainer. He said you’d know what I mean”.

Now, some of these individuals rank a bit higher in your triathlete’s life then others and gifts should be given commensurate with their relationship. For most of the folks, a Starbucks gift card or one from a local shop and some home baked treats are perfectly appropriate. But, for those we know need some extra love for being there for our trihubbies, we add a little something special. Of course, if you know them personally and their likes, use that. But for those that don’t, the TriWives Gift Guides had a lot of ideas that would be perfect for these special people. We particularly like:

1. Grooming gift packages are always nice and not something you may buy for yourself. Kiehl’s has a large selection with great quality and decent price, but there are many other companies out there. Look for ones that have smaller bottles of product that can be thrown in workout bags and are ready for travel. Works for male or female.

2. How about a Shutterfly iPad or iPhone cases with pictures from the races or better yet, from pictures you have of the two of them?

3. If you know a charity they support, make a donation in their name or look at those that were suggested by our guest bloggers. These charities can certainly use the financial support.

4. Most would probably appreciate a nice bottle of their favorite scotch, tequila, brandy, or wine.

5. Put together a package of items they will use a lot of such as Rocktape, Simple Green, tubes for bike tires, Action Wipes, etc. Put in a nice box or personalized bag with a bow. You can see more examples of items to include in our initial Guide.

6. How about a book called, The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies, by Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician in NYC? This is especially good for coaches to relay to their clients.

7. Something they probably wouldn’t buy themselves, but would appreciate – either the Ironman World Championship Kona DVD Set or 30 Years of Ironman Triathlon World Championships. See our Day 4 Guide.

8. Finally, you can always take them out to dinner or better yet, invite them over for a very personal thank you. If a significant other is involved, don’t forget to invite them also.

Whatever you choose, seriously, it is the thought that counts. We’re sure they will be thrilled that you even thought about them and got a gift. Not everyone always takes the time to say thank you. BE THAT PERSON…..