soup and sauce recipes for winter

Do you need some new soup or sauce recipes? Looking for a different dish to warm you up on a cold night? Or perhaps you’re searching for that hearty, healthy meal that works for everyone.

Well, there may be nothing better on a cold winter day than a bowl of hot soupy pasta. Stuffed with lots of vegetables, well-seasoned broth, and any kind of meat you like (or not), it’s a meal that can make the whole family cheer. Serve it with warm bread and you have a fantastic one pot meal.

Delicious and easy: my two favorite ingredients in soup and sauce recipes. Check out some of my favorites which include both typical and atypical recipes for the whole family!

what to eat to warm you in better

Hearty Soup and Pasta Recipes to Keep You Warm in Winter

White Chicken Chili from Jon at

This is one of the most delicious AND healthy soup recipes. This White Chicken Chili recipe is filled to the brim with juicy chicken. Go ahead and splurge on using only the best ingredients for this dish, especially the chicken. Your guests will thank you. We like Perdue Farms Harvestland Diced Chicken Breasts for this recipe.

hearty soup and sauce recipes for winter

White Chicken Chili.

The unique white beans, a kick of chili powder, and a yeasty beer all combine together to make a dish everyone just gobbles up! I suggest making a huge batch to serve when you have a big crowd coming over. Be sure to have lots of different toppings, so each guest can make their own special concoction. Topping choices could include green onions, freshly grated cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream.

One Pot Pasta Fagioli from Lindsey at

For another lovely recipe to feed a crowd, check out this Pasta Fagioli Italian soup. You are going to adore this recipe. Pasta Fagioli is a traditional comfort food your family may or may not love already. Don’t have a crowd to feed? No worries. You can freeze extra portions as needed.

hearty soup and pasta winter recipes

One Pot Pasta Fagioli. Photo credit Redhead Baby Mama.

This recipe offers protein, dairy, and vegetables all in one pot. It is protein-packed and has a low-sugar sauce. It is a complete dinner all on its own. No extra side dish required.

Turkey Bolognese from Katy Sprattle Joyce of

You can’t go wrong with this simple yet flavorful take on American-style Bolognese sauce. Ok, so technically, this isn’t a soup as you usually serve it over spiraled vegetables or noodles. However, it is think and hearty and comforting like a soup.

healthy turkey bolognese recipe

Turkey Bolognese.

Using ground turkey creates a healthier version of this dish. It adds flavor without adding extra calories or fat. The tomatoes pop with bright acidic goodness and the fresh herbs give it a really delicious flavor profile. You can make this Turkey Bolognese in your slow cooker, Insta Pot, Dutch oven or a gigantic sauce pan. Serve with warm breadsticks.

One Pot Gluten Free Italian Soup from Krystyn at

This one pot Gluten Free Italian Soup meal is super easy and really tastes delicious. Like many of these soup recipes, it can feed large families or provide enough for leftovers.

soup and sauce winter recipes

Gluten Free Italian Soup. Photo credit Really, Are You Serious.

With seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, beef broth, gluten-free noodles, and Italian seasoning, the flavors will pop in your mouth. Make it ahead, or in about an hour. Either way, you have an amazing dinner!


There’s little time these days and no reason to make dinner complex. You can keep it simple and still make it delicious and hearty with a one-bowl dinner idea. This Crockpot Minestrone Soup Recipe  is the answer to what you’re looking for.

what to eat to keep you warm in winter

Hearty Minestrone Soup.

It’s warm, hearty, full of flavor and perfect with just a loaf of crusty Italian bread. Throw it together, go about your day, and you’re all set for dinner.

Which of these recipes will you make first?