My husband and I are moving. After 17 years in our “starter home”, we have decided it’s time to move on. Oh, we’re not going far, just about 6 blocks down the road. Hey, we love this area and plan on staying here for awhile, so we thought it’s time to cut the cord.

Actually, I’ve been looking for a few years now, but am very specific about the neighborhood I want to live in and homes that I like or lots – we would have been willing to build our dream home – just don’t come on the market that often. Or, the houses are so huge that it’s nothing we’re interested in, or the lots are too small, or…

But, then I saw this house and wow, I knew I had found IT!

So, here’s what’s happened so far…house looked at with realtor twice and then with my “house husband”; bid placed; bid countered; bid countered; bid countered; bid countered; bid accepted; inspection; lawyer contacted; contract written; changes made; contract signed; mortgage process begun; rate locked in; and closing date finalized.

From the time we first looked at the house – well, I saw it first, fell in love and got my husband and “house husband” in quickly – to the time the contract was signed took just over a week. We wanted to move fast, so they wouldn’t change their minds or accept another bid. In our state, until the contract is signed, even if they have accepted your offer, they can turn around and reject it and accept someone else’s. We didn’t want that to happen, so moved post haste.

Now, comes the process of getting our current house ready to put on the market. This time of year is not prime selling time, so our realtor will feel out the market and decide when to list. In the meantime, I’m getting the house ready; doing a bit of painting and decluttering or staging! This will give us a great opportunity to get rid of all the crap, which I am relishing. Boxes are already piling up in the dining room!


Of note: When I say “house husband”, I’m referring to my property management lifesaver, John, who I couldn’t live without. See, my husband has neither the time nor inclination to do anything house maintenance related, so John is literally on speed dial and gives me such peace of mind.

So, over the next few months, I will be detailing what we’re going through and what tips I can give you for making the house buying and selling process easier for you. We’d also love to hear from any of you who have gone through this experience…