enjoying the beautiful scenery of lake tremblant in mont tremblant

Ironman Mont Tremblant is one of our favorite race sites. Granted, my family has been going there for over 35 years and we have watched the mountain and village grow over this time. We used to have to drive a long way to eat, but now the choices are endless and there are great places to eat. First, let me explain the areas as I define them:

  • The Mountain – often referred to as The Village. This is the area on the actual mountain and ski areas. Most of the hotels are here as well.
  • St Joviet – now Mont Tremblant. This is the village you drive through on the way into town. Here, you will find the grocery stores and other treasures.
  • Mont Tremblant – now referred to as the Old Mont Tremblant. This is also one of my families favorite areas to hang out, especially Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market.

where to eat in mont tremblant

I highly recommend that if you are watching your budget, to make sure your accommodations have a small or full kitchen and stopping in Mont Tremblant on your way in for your basics. To read more, check out our Ironman Mont Tremblant posts from last year’s race.

So, now where to eat. Let’s go by area:


the village in mont tremblant, canada with great places to eat

Eating on the Mountain is easy and the spirit of the race is everywhere. There are plenty of options for everyone, but be warned, eating on the mountain does come with an added tax.

  • We eat at Creperie Catherine and eat there often! I love a bowl of French Onion Soup and a berry Crepe.
  • Another place we often eat at on the Mountain, because of the location and great menu options is La Forge Bar & Grill. We love it for drinks and appetizers.
  • You can’t go to the Mountain without having a meal at BeaverTails and Smokes Poutinerie. Yes, each is as yummy as it comes. BeaverTails have great pastries and is basically friend dough with great toppings. Smokes Poutinerie is essentially hand cut french fries with awesome toppings! Need I say more…
  • Here is the full list of Mountain restaurants if you want more selections.


the old village in mont tremblant, canada and great places to eat

  • La Sandwicherie – This is locate IN the bike shop. They have great homemade soups and where I first had watermelon salad with feta, mint and balsamic vinegar. We are regulars daily here.
  • Ristorante E Caffe Ital Delli – Book your carb load here if you are not cooking.
  • Patrick Bermand – Here you will find clean, wonderful food. The key words of the cooking here are freshness, quality, and simplicity. This is a place to go for a nice night out of dining.
  • La Petite Cachee – The waitress, Mary, runs run aid station 11! The food is great and pizzas are yummy. We also like to meet friends for drinks downstairs.


  • sEb L’Artisan Culinaire is where we go for a dining experience. We enjoy sEb and frequent the restaurant, as well as hit the Farmers Market on Saturdays in the Old Village for his breakfast sandwiches.

seb l

  • Mille Pâté for eat in or take out – great homemade pasta and they carry Gluten Free pastas and sauces
  • Mountain Yard is great for lunch and wonderful baked goods. This is where we pick up dessert when having company.
  • Jacobson’s is a great choice for sandwiches and premade food. It’s another place we load up at before heading to the house.

So, we hope you enjoy our recommendations and have a great stay in one of our favorite vacation spots out there!