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Life with our triathletes…

We have found over the years that living with a triathlete provides many unforgettable and often unbelievable statements that give pause.  Some of what comes out of their mouths just has to be shared.  But, we’ve also found it’s not just the triathlete that utters these comments; we’re often just as guilty as is the rest of the family. So, we decided in the spirit of being good trisupporters, we would share some of them.  We have now been doing the quotes since November and will continue as long as they keep coming.  We have faith in our triathletes that you’ll see these for many more months ahead.  Plus, we’re sure you have your fair share, too.  So, get ready to spill.

  1. Trihubby at bike shop:  Can I get the tires in red?  They go better with my bike.  The poor salesperson he asked didn’t know if he was serious or not.  Since when did he get so concerned about matching colors?  And seriously….. if it looks faster does it really go faster?
  2. Child asks:  Where’s dad?  Me:  Check ecrumb.  Should I be concerned that ecrumb has now become part of our way to communicate with each other?
  3. Trihubby telling me about a conversation with a race sponsor:  Shops have a lot of bike inventory as the weather this winter was so bad and not many people bought new bikes.  It might be a good time to check it out.  Me:  Do you need a new bike?  Him:  Left the room.  Me:  Got my answer…..Oh, I keep forgetting that want and need are the same thing in this sport….
  4. Trihubby: Can I wear white?  Me: It’s too early yet. You know the rule – not until after Memorial Day.  Do I tell him honestly – UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL IT EVER BE OKAY FOR YOU TO WEAR WHITE!!  Has he never been behind someone in a race wearing white????
  5. Child getting ready for a big party she is co-hosting:  Mom, can you PLEASE tell dad to wear REAL clothes to our party.  I don’t want him to wear anything with a race on it.  I have a lot of friends coming and they just won’t understand.  You know…..
  6. Trihubby: I got a new kit and it’s super cool.  Me: Wait, I’ve heard that 43 times. How many trikits can you possibly need?  I don’t think I’m really exaggerating about the 43 kits….Have YOU counted lately?

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    Likin’ his new kit…

  7. Trihubby:  Did you read the new Triathlete Magazine?  There are recipes in here you could make for me that I bet would make me go faster.  Just saying.  Theme going on here about trying to make himself go faster.
  8. Trihubby goes into the food tent after Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and Andy Potts comes up to him, shakes his hand, and says:   Hi.  I’m Andy Potts.  He says: I know who YOU are.  I should be introducing myself to YOU.  I could see the smile on his face across the miles and over the phone – I wasn’t able to be at the race.
  9. Triwife:  I think my trihubby should ecrumb at the market.  He’s slways getting lost & then brings back “stuff I read about” in a tri magazine.
  10. Trihubby sitting looking through calorie counts for swordfish:  I need to weigh more things so it becomes intuitive to me.  He is officially obsessed with weighing food.
  11. Same trihubby weighed a pork chop he had for dinner:  Wow, it’s over half of pound.  That’s a lot of meat.  But, it has a bone in it, so probably not as bad.  After eating the meat, he weighed the bone:  That’s all it weighs?  I thought bones were heavier.  Did I include the plate?  I guess the intuition hasn’t kicked in yet.

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