6 essential items not to leave home without


I find myself on all types of adventures; work, visiting kids, being with family, on vacation, and so on.  While I’m on these adventures, I like to have a few of my own essentials that make my life happier and easier.  So, there are a few odd items I rarely leave at home.  Now, I’m not talking mascara, camera, and shoes.  I’m talking food and wine essentials.  Not the actual food and wine, but what you need to enjoy them while you’re away.

what are food & wine essentials to pack when you travel

My travels take me to all types of hotels, resorts, rentals, and what not, as well.  It really does not matter if I am staying at the same hotel as my son’s college swim team for UAA’s or if hubby and I are off to a tropical boutique five star hideaway; these items are always packed.

Electric Kettle

We are not talking the fancy expensive ones, because they are not as versatile as the cheap under $20 Sunbeam Electric Hot Pot.  This is not a fancy version; no auto turn off or anything.  Why you ask?  Because this one will not only make a great cup of tea, but you can also hard boil eggs in it and we have even blanched fresh veggies from the Kona Farmer’s Market.  We have used it as a double boiler and much more.
what are food & wine essentials to pack when you travel
Wine Opener

This is a no brainier, but make sure it goes into your checked luggage.  Don’t go for the cheap one and risk breaking your cork.  Invest in a corkscrew you will be able to do it all with.
what are food and wine essentials to pack when you travel
Wine Topper 

Truthfully, sometimes we travel with two.  We have found over the years the wine in many locations is just okay or that we visit vineyards when out exploring.  So, we like to have our own bottles to enjoy in the room and be happy, rather than having an okay glass or two of wine.  Many times, no matter where we are, we have also found local wines that we want to try and taking it back to the hotel is a great option.  I am now on the search for wine glasses to me able to travel with.

A Good Knife

When we are staying in a rental and not a hotel, we love to stay in and cook after shopping for local ingredients.  And to cook, I am very particular about my knives.  I love mine, but trust me, it’s nothing fancy.   I found it at Target, but it meets all of my needs and transports easily with the blade cover.  Again, be sure to pack it in your checked-in luggage!
what are food & wine essentials to pack when you travel

I never like to count on anything!  We love to get out and explore and find local goodies to save for later. We are also huge whole milk yogurt eaters, so always having our spoon ready is a must and certainly beats trying to find or use a plastic spoon.
what are food and wine essentials to pack when you travel

We use them for everything!  Mixing, eating, and everything else.  The chopstick is the most useful utensil in the world.  Plus, they are super easy to transport.

I know this sounds crazy, but, oh so true.  These are in my luggage right now, along with my tea, salt and pepper, and a few other goodies I want to have on hand.

What do you always pack from your kitchen?