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Matt Dixon.

Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness poolside in Kona.

I had the distinct pleasure to sit down poolside in Kona with purplepatchfitness coach, Matt Dixon.  Matt is coach to pros such as Meredith Kessler, Tim Reed, and Jesse Thomas, just to name a few – not to mention some trihubbies we know.  I asked him questions related to the role of trisupporters in triathlete training and we discussed what both groups need to do to make this lifestyle work for everyone AND have everyone invested and happy.

While we had a lengthy chat, I wanted to get one question out to you NOW as it pertains to race week and this is a BIG race week.  Here’s the question I asked and Matt’s response.  I’m giving it to you in easy to follow DO’S & DON’TS – trying to make your life simple…

TWC: What are some suggestions for the tripartner to do or not to do during race week to best support their triathlete?

Matt Dixon:


  • Ask – “What do you want or need me to do?”  This needs to be done in advance, so everyone is prepared.  This can also free up the spouse/partner to plan their own activities during race week, if the triathlete would prefer some time alone.
  • Be normal.
  • Be the rock.
  • Be stable.
  • Give space.
  • Triathletes deal with stress and anxiety differently, so don’t be quick to judge.
  • Do practical things.


  • Don’t ask “How do you feel?”  They may well not feel great, which is normal, so there is no benefit bringing it up.
  • Don’t ask “Are you ready?”
  • Don’t give advice.
  • Don’t take things personally.  Recognize that it’s their emotions coming out and all they are are responses. Take a step back and don’t respond.

So, there you have some sage advice to follow trisupporters to make sure both of you have a great race week.  Since there’s been a bit of tension in our hotel room this week and I’ve done more of the DON’TS than the DO’S, I’m changing course here and following Matt’s advice!  I am so guilty of responding and not taking that step back. Ugh…How about you?  Will let you know if there’s more peace in our hotel room…

Next Up:  When I’m back from Kona, I will post the entire interview with Matt Dixon, so don’t miss it….