We’re HUGE animal lovers here at MomsGoodEats and believers in rescuing dogs who need homes.  We currently have 5 dogs of our own between the two of us.  We know you won’t find them quite as special as we do, but thought you might like to meet them anyway.  So, here you go…Meet the lovable, well not always, but usually, dogs of MomsGoodEats…

loss of a pet

In memory of Kayla…

Dana’s Dogs

Update: In Memory of Annabelle – The grand dame of the group and the dog who has defied all odds, oh, my Annabelle.  Annabelle is my bestie.  She is a 13 year old Airedale Terrier who is always by my side as seen in our side by side lounge chairs on the balcony.  Annabelle is so spirited and although blind with grade 4 heart disease and a brain tumor, she can still open the freezer and eat what she wants.  She is my sweetheart, no matter how smart and stubborn she is.  As we say, oh, Annabelle.

dogs of momsgoodeats

Max – Max  or as I call him in Social Media, #LifeofMax, is our street dog rescue from Texas with a street dog attitude.  We are taming or at least trying to tame him.  He is our youngest and loves to play ball, run with me, play hard with Bear, and is addicted to David.  As a street dog, he is a bit territorial and a hoarder.  He collects his paper towel and toilet bowl tubes (what city dogs use as sticks), his balls, and anything else he wants and can keep in his closet.

dogs of momsgoodeats

Bear – My Bear is a Mastiff/Great Dane mix, so of course, he’s a lap dog.  While he is all of 179 pounds, in his heart and mind, he thinks he’s a toy poodle.  We rescued Bear from a kill shelter in Texas.  He came to us so sick, but is now a healthy and happy 6 year old pup.  He is gentle giant with a huge heart, who loves nothing better than snuggling and playing with his brother and sister!

dogs of momsgoodeats
Sherry’s Dogs

Update: In Memory of Casey – This is my near perfect in every way shepherd-mix pup.  He came to us when he fit into the palm of my husband’s hand and is now, at the age of 12, 65 pounds.  He potty trained himself after literally less than 2 weeks.  He never pulls on a leash, does basic commands, and never has even tried to run away – all with essentially zilch training.  He has mastered the art of napping and is sort of a loner – neither a people nor a dog’s dog – but that said, did adore his sister, Kayla, who we lost in March.  He was quite sad when she never came home, but he is slowly, but surely opening his heart and home to his new sister.

dogs of momsgoodeats

Georgia – This is the newest addition to our family at less than 6 months old.  She has done wonders to mend our broken heart after the loss of Kayla.  We haven’t really a clue as to what she is and could care less, but she does have the most distinctive green/gold eyes and biggest heart around.  It looks like she’s going to be a much more petite girl than we thought and that’s okay, too and we can’t wait to find out what those ears are going to do.  She is not quite as mellow as her big brother, so will be starting obedience training in the next few weeks.

dogs of momsgoodeats

Abby – This gorgeous girl is the most recent edition to our family. She came to us from a kill shelter in California. She’s about 7 yrs old now and has been with us for 2 years. She is just the sweetest girl and tolerates her little sister quite well. I get stopped all the time by people in cars wanting to know what she is as she is so unique. She is actually a Belgian Turverven!

So, we hope you enjoyed the introduction to our pups.  You will see a lot of them over time in MomsGoodEats and read about their antics.  We will also post photos on Instagram.  We’d love to hear all about your pets, too…

Dana and Sherry