mom fails


mom fails

I will stand up now and declare I have pretty awesome kids and I am not just saying that.  I’m just not sure how we did it.  Have they had their moments? Why, yes, of course, but nothing major.  Like once they hit each other, yes, just once, and I blame it on jet lag and too many delayed planes.  I wanted to hit someone, too, to be honest.  The difference was they had each other to take it out on.  I had no one.  Really, only that one time!

BUT, while I think they have turned out amazing, I have certainly had my Mom Fails.  In fact, not just one or two over the years, but many and they continue as the twins are in college.  I actually started wondering if maybe it’s my Mom Fails that have had such a positive impact on my twins.  And if that’s true, then why should I blame myself for the Mom Fails, when I can say it only made them better?  Let me explain…

Fist, you may ask, what is a Mom Fail?  Well, in my book, it’s anything I have done that didn’t quite turn out the way I expected or something I didn’t do, didn’t teach them, or had a missed opportunity.  Although Mom Fails can also refer to the things we do as moms that are just, well, shall we say, awkward.  It happens.  We want to be all cool and are trying, sort of, but fail spectacularly!

mom fail

So, what do you think?  Can your Mom Fails turn out to be a good thing for your kids?  I will be sharing with you along the way what I perceive as my Mom Fails.  We hope you send us yours.  We would love to share them, so we can all learn and laugh together! We’re here to support each other and, hey, who doesn’t need a good laugh…