Omaha is a city that at first seems small and a bit sleepy, But like an onion, there are layers to this town that are worth peeling back. About 6 years ago, my husband and I moved from our home in Seattle to Omaha and, I will admit, it took some time for us to begin figuring out the beat of our new midwest home.

is the omaha old market worth a visit

Photo credit The Old Market.

Like most people we bought a house in the suburbs, but never ventured out of our area too much. Then, 2 years ago, we sold the house and moved to the heart of Omaha – the Old Market District. Here’s where we began unpeeling that onion! On our own and with friends, we are finding there is a lot more to Omaha than first meets the eye. I am going to begin sharing some of the gems we have discovered right in our own backyard.

Seth McMillan is a high energy entrepreneur who has brought men’s fashion and amazing women’s shoe style to the Old Market and Omaha in general. He has done it in a very caring customer-focused way. Seth is from Tennessee and when you talk to him, every once in a while, you catch that southern accent. He not only owns 2 of the more successful retail shops in Old Market, but he is also a full-time CPA for ConAgra in the audit department.

is mclovin in omaha's old market a good men's store

Photo credit Seth McMillan.

Here’s a couple little unknown facts about Seth. He is trained in voice, piano, trumpet, and french horn and even sang with the Atlanta opera company for a period of time. As a young boy, Seth loved playing store and was motivated by coming up with ways to make a profit. When he moved to Omaha 7 years ago, he put that passion to work when he opened McLovin Men’s store.

Shopping Gems in Omaha’s Old Market

McLovin’s Store for Men

Opening in 2011, the store was immediately off and running right away. Its success is based on 3 values: making the customer’s experience memorable; the lack of pretense by the staff; and understanding the need of the customer whether local or in town on business/pleasure. Seth has bought into the concept that people buy from people, something I have taught in sales training classes over the years.

valentine's day gifts in omaha old market

Photo credit The Old Market.

The staff bends over backwards to make sure your needs are met. Value added is practiced by the staff every day and they go above and beyond for the customer. This concept is what led the staff to begin working with the various hotel concierges in the area, making sure whatever the visitor/customer bought is ready and waiting for him at his hotel. Wardrobe consultation is another added benefit, as is their ability to do corporate and gift branding. They provide one stop shopping for the man who doesn’t like to shop, but cares about how he looks.

When you walk into McLovin’s, you are immediately impressed with the balance between professional, casual, and easy weekend wear brands. From Woolrich, the original outdoor wear company to Italian-inspired Zanetti fine men’s wear, you will find the style, quality, and service at McLovin’s that just could make any man change his mind about shopping for clothes.

Juliet Old Market

This is Seth’s baby. Juliet opened it’s doors on April 29, 2017, just in time for the Birkshire Hathaway event that takes over Omaha, especially the Old Market every year. A classy women’s shoe store is the perfect addition to the Old Market and it has been a success from day one. Seth incorporated the same values to this project as for McLovin’s.

The store manager is Cassie Finnell and although she just recently joined the Juliet team and took over the day to day running of the business, she comes with experience, and the enthusiasm Juliet deserves. The store was designed with a very open concept. When you walk in, everything from the shoes displayed to the inventory is right there, nothing hidden. It reminds me of walking into a library, only this is a library of shoe boxes filled with style, fun, and all the potential a new pair of shoes brings with it.

does Juliet Old Market in Omaha Old Market have cute shoes

Photo credit Juliet Old Market.

Most of the styles cannot be found anywhere else in Omaha. Prices range from $95.00 – $250.00 at the high end. Styles range from Kenneth Cole’s laid back weekend shoes to Gentle Souls (the most comfortable shoes on the planet) to Jon Josef’s stylish business and dress shoes.

Next weekend, head to the Old Market in Omaha and check out these two stores. Both promising, if you walk out with a purchase, you know you have something unique and very stylish. For those of you who don’t really like to shop, a trip to either store just may cause you to rethink your feelings. It is time to begin unpeeling that onion.

Only one thing left to say…Shop On ladies and gentlemen!