simple ways to share kindness

Are you looking for ways to share kindness with others during these trying times? I’m with you! One of the best ways to help ourselves is to give back to others. There is a reason why so many people say they receive more than they give after spending time volunteering. Above all, you get to think outside your own anxiety, sadness, depression or general malaise and help someone else.

Sadly, many of the ways to share kindness you’ve used in the past just aren’t feasible right now. We are limited by social distancing, mask requirements, and other state and local rules and regulations. As a result, just leaving your house is difficult for most of us.

But, don’t despair. There are still many ways to share kindness in addition to what you are already doing. In short, you can help make someone’s day better, brighter, and less lonely! And you don’t have to put yourself in jeopardy to do this. With a little effort, time, and creative thinking, you can share kindness with strangers, friends, and family members while most importantly still staying safe.

18 Simple Ways to Share Kindness

1. Pay for the person’s order behind you in the drive-thru (especially if it’s a mom).
2. Practice self-kindness (which helps you continue to give back).
3. Smile at everyone you see (even if you have a mask on it shows in your eyes). Smiles are contagious.
4. Send a thank you card to a healthcare worker you know or in general to the local hospital.
5. Set up a time to give your undivided attention to a friend. Use technology if necessary.
6. Offer to entertain the kids of a friend or family member with a “zoom class”. For example, can you do a zoom cooking class?
7. Put a $5 gift card on your neighbor’s door to treat them to a coffee or tea.

Ways to Share Kindness at Home

8. Feed the birds in your backyard.
9. Go through the closets in your house and purge anything that hasn’t been worn in the last six months. Donate the clothes to a worthwhile charity.
10. Research what is needed at your local food pantry and donate those items to them. You can buy from Amazon and have them sent directly to the facility.
11. Since socks are one of the items most needed, buy new pairs of socks and have them sent to a homeless shelter in your town.
12. Support kids in foster care by donating pairs of new pajamas. Or give money to non-profits who support foster kids for example.
13. Send fun postcards to friends you haven’t seen in a while. You can buy postcards online if you aren’t going out.
14. Help your neighbor. For example, wash their car. Cut their lawn. Bring in their trash cans. Offer to go grocery shopping, especially if it’s an elderly neighbor. Just do something nice that is unexpected.
15. Write a thank you note and put it in your mailbox for your mail carrier. Per USPS guidelines, postal workers are able to accept a tip or gift up to $20, if you are able and inclined to offer something monetary.
16. Plant a garden. Then, share the bounty you cultivate with neighbors.
17. Bake cookies and leave them at a friend’s door.
18. Start a “pen pal” friendship with an elderly person. Don’t have any person to write to? Check out this nursing home in North Carolina that makes it super easy.

simple ways to share kindness like a thank you

In conclusion, you can share kindness even during a pandemic. Above all, let’s get creative and get busy!

Which one of these ways to share kindness will you do first?