I honestly can’t believe it’s almost the end of July. This fact is so depressing to me. I can’t even imagine that winter will be here before I know it after last year. What’s even more depressing is that I feel I’ve wasted a lot of the summer, not doing the activities I had planned, like buying a new bike and riding down to the local farmer’s market – instead I drive!

SUMMER things to do before it slips away

This left me thinking how I’m going to rectify the situation with the time I have left, so that come winter, I can sit inside, watch the snow, and cherish those summer memories! So, here’s what I’m going to do to make sure I don’t waste another minute and fill the rest of my summer days with activities that make me happy and take advantage of sun and warmth. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to rush around to get it all done and not stop to enjoy. Actually, I’m doing the opposite and slowing down to make sure I appreciate the quality moments in every drop of summer!

Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Summer


The first task at hand is to sit down, outside of course, and come up with a priority activity list, so I make sure to get to what will make me happiest. After all, time is of the essence here with summer already half over!


My husband and I recently took a weekend trip up to Rhode Island and came home really refreshed. It’s amazing what just 2 days away can do for your psyche when you have no responsibilities and are free to explore. I highly recommend you try getting away if you can take the opportunity. I’m hoping another escape is in my future!

things to do this summer before it slips away


Just like I discard layers of clothes in summer, I really want to strip away the crap in my house and declutter. I’ve never been a hoarder, but stuff just seems to collect. I want empty cabinets, but not so I can buy more stuff; they need to stay empty. I want light and airy. And, give me fresh flowers. I want to fill the house with fresh flowers, some even from my own backyard, and give it a fresh coat of paint. Finally, I want to work on the landscaping, I need to get rid of the weeds, cut back some overgrown plants, thin out where I got overzealous, and add some more color.


I have tons of options for this living close to New York City, but I sadly rarely take advantage. I have wanted to see the High Line and the Intrepid for years and I can’t remember the last time I hit the museums. Plus, there are so many cute towns worth exploring not far away just calling me for a visit. What’s great is I can choose to do this on my own or with my friends/family and you can certainly opt to include the kids or not.


I haven’t seen enough of my friends this summer at all. I guess everyone is either busy, on vacation, or perhaps time has just gotten away from them, too, This needs to change, whether it’s one on one or in a group. Options are plentiful for things to do. It’s just picking up the phone, texting, or whatever, and making the connection.

summer friends just one thing to do before it slips away


I like having dinner parties; I really do. Deciding who to invite, coming up with a menu, and then planning the details, really makes me happy. But, I have been remiss for far too long. It’s time to change all that and have everyone over for a party! Get out the margarita glasses and make sure there’s propane in the tank for the grill and start inviting! After all, being with friends and family is truly what’s important. While it often gets overlooked, it should move to the top of my list.


Time to think out of the box and do something special and meaningful with the kiddos, whether they’re 4 or 24! Make those memories now! Think about what either of you have wanted to do, but no one has had time for and make the time. Here are some ideas if your mind is drawing a blank…Find an arts and crafts project you can do together. Make a movie. Write a play and act it out before school starts. Bake something special from scratch and be goofy while you’re doing it. Create a movie night in the backyard. Volunteer someplace together that has meaning to the family. Take that teen along with you on a day trip.


I was inside so much this winter with the snow and bitter cold that you’d think I’d have pitched a tent outside by now. But, no. I’m still having my morning coffee inside when I should be sitting out on the patio. I’m working at the kitchen counter when I could be sitting with my computer in the chaise in the shade. I can’t believe I’ve even hesitated when a hostess at a restaurant asked if we wanted to sit inside or out. Duh!!! I was still working out inside until it dawned on me how stupid that was. I have now taken my exercising to the great outdoors.

Please don’t waste another moment of your summer like I’ve done. From this day forward, I’m going to take advantage of all it has to offer. So, come winter, there are no regrets. Well, maybe on that 95 degree 95 % humidity day I’ll choose to stay inside, but I’ll be planning what I’m doing next when it cools down…