lake placid, ny

I am just so thrilled that summer is finally here.  Aren’t you?  On the one hand, I want to do nothing but sit on my patio in the chaise lounge, cool drink in hand, no phones or computers and enjoy the sun and warmth on my body.  But, on the other hand, I want to take advantage of being able to be outdoors while getting things done that I need to.  Such a dilemma!  So, I sat and thought about what those things are and came up with my priorities.


Here’s what’s on my summer to do list…

Buy a bike…I have wanted a bike for a long time, but haven’t made the purchase.  Oh, I’m not talking a tri bike, but a little 10 speed with a basket that I can ride around town, get a bit of exercise, and maybe hit a few of those farmer’s markets.  This will be the summer I take the plunge.  Only issue I have is with the helmets – UGH…

Go to all the Farmer’s Markets…There is just nothing better than strolling through the farmer’s market for fresh fruits and vegetables, pastas, and meats and then fixing a great meal out of my finds.  I have one just down the hill from where I live, so guess what – I’m going to ride that new bike I’m about to buy, complete with a basket for all my goodies!

what's on your summer to do list

Work on the landscaping…I’ve kind of ignored my landscaping the last few years and it’s in need of a bit of pruning and some new plants.  But this pretty much entails picking up the phone and calling the landscaper.  I’m not really into getting into the dirt myself.  It still counts, though.

Get better at golf…I used to play a lot of golf many years ago, but now play very inconsistently.  I actually love the sport, despite how frustrating it can be for me at times, but would love to develop my skills.  Plus, it’s a sport I can enjoy with my husband, a lot of my friends play, it’s a great social event, and hopefully, something I can continue to do into my old age.  All great reasons to perfect my game.

golfing is on my summer to do list

Take advantage of my town…I live in a great community with a wonderful public beach with a 2 mile loop, great for a walk, run, or ride.  It’s only a few miles away, but do I take advantage of this opportunity – hardly ever.  Then, there’s outdoor events almost every weekend, a ferry to an island, restaurants where I can eat outside, and sailing lessons.  Tons of choices!

Train a puppy…I really wasn’t planning on doing this, but with the new addition to the family, it’s now high on the list.  Georgia will also keep me closer to home for the next few months.

training a puppy is on my summer to do list

Exercise outside more…I get in a rut with exercising and am still doing my tapes and using the treadmill – INSIDE or taking classes.  In the summer, how stupid is this?  I vow to switch up my rut and save it for next winter.

Throw in a few 3 day weekend getaways…I have become much fonder of short getaways that we can drive to. And there is no shortage of amazing destinations living on the east coast. The hardest part will be deciding where to go. Will it be Maine, Boston, Nantucket, Sugar Water Manor

Go into NYC often…Every year I say I’m going to do this and usually don’t get in as often as I like.  I love going into New York City on weekends and finding street fairs, going to plays, and just exploring all the city has to offer. Then there’s also the other 5 boroughs like visiting the New York Botanical Gardens and Arthur Street in the Bronx.

visiting the new york botanical gardens

The Conservatory at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Plan my next girlfriend getaway…I missed my annual girlfriend getaway last year and am not going to make the same mistake.  The last trip was a cooking class, so I’m thinking spa or wine tasting this time around.

And, when all else fails, you will find me sitting on that patio, cool drink in hand (thank you Dana), with no phones or computers…