Being the wife/partner of a triathlete comes with a lot of alone time. So, we came up with creative solutions for THE LONELY LIFE OF THE TRIWIFE AT HOME.

Let’s talk about something a bit serious as triwives and tripartners…

I will start by saying I REALLY do love that my husband is a triathlete and the great lifestyle, health, and travel it brings to our lives.  BUT, if I’m being totally honest – and I am – sometimes I get lonely.  Now, I’m talking about life without the kids here – just triathlete and triwife.

Granted, our jobs are very different.  He is a business executive and works a lot.  Then, add to his day about 3 hours of workouts during the week and 4-6 hours on the weekends.  Me, well I own my own business as a writer, social media consultant, and brand builder.  I work from home mainly, but when I am away, it is usually for a few days to a week at a time with travel.  I think this gives you a good picture about just how much time we spend apart.

So, there are times I inevitably get lonely, which leads to me getting upset about his workouts.  After a long work day, when the end of the day comes, I am ready for some wine and chat, but surprise, he is off for another work out.  In order to not have this turn into anything serious, we, and notice I say WE, had to come up with some creative solutions to make both of us happy.

Here are some of the ways we’ve worked out to resolve this issue:

  1. We changed our morning routine.  Now, instead of hubby going to the pool, trainer, or to workout and then straight to the office, we are getting up 15 minutes earlier.  I walk the dogs, prep breakfast, and then schedule my social media for the day.  By that time, he is in the shower and I am making breakfast.  We then sit down together and catch up before the day gets away from us.


    Enjoying breakfast together at home.

  2. I head to his office every now and then to meet him for lunch.
  3. We communicate about his workouts and plan our time around them.  If he has a light workout night, we make sure to go out to dinner when he is done.
  4. I organize my day so that when he has an evening bike ride, I take the first few minutes of it and sit with him while he warms up and we chat.  I might even pour a glass of wine and make this our “happy hour”!
  5. Once the kids went off to college, I started to do things on my own at night when either he is working late or has a long workout.  I like to attend the theater, National Geographic Live Lectures, and other great events in the community.  Granted, this is not for everyone, but I have always been comfortable doing things alone.

So, whether you work in or outside the home, you know the life of a triwife/partner is much different from the life of a triathlete and we are left with plenty of alone time to fill.  And, while I still get lonely as the triwife, I am learning how to get past it.  It’s just that there are some days that are much harder than others…