There are so many awesome deals in stores and online this weekend and I am having a blast!

Here are the top places I’ve been shopping at…

Day Designer
I have been searching and searching for the perfect day planner that will allow me to combine my home and work life.  I am one of those people who love lists.  I like to have my days planned out from start to finish.  I like to know when I go to the gym and when I need to sit down and get my writing done.  I love the hustle when I am under pressure, but I like to know when my downtime is, too.


Let’s just say all week my mailbox has been full and full of Anthropologie bags.  They are having their big 40% off sale items.  I used the code ZTRA40.  I order so much goodness from them.  Seriously, a ton for myself and for my daughter.  I love the way they package the items before they ship them in the tissue paper and cloth tape and the bags they use that have such cute designs.  I got sweaters, pants, and an awesome bag.
why I love to shop at anthropologie

Young Living Essential Oils

This has been a tough month.  The kids left before the start of the New Year to get back to “their lives”; it has been super cold in Omaha; and we had to cancel the trip we planned for the two of us.  So, needless-to-say, with all that and the start of the New Year, I needed Motivation.  So, I order Motivation, which I have been diffusing each morning during the week and then, when the weekend comes, Joy has been my oil of choice.

young living essential oils

We’ve been using essential oils for awhile now and they were such a great discovery.  We recently added Slique Tea and Slique Essence to the mix.  We both felt we needed a boost after a couple of days playing in town when hubby was off work.  For information about ordering, click here or send me a message and I will get you the info.


First, if you are not an Amazon Prime Member, do it now.  Until the end of the weekend, you can get it for $26 dollars off!.  As an affiliate of Amazon, I can not post the link, but you can click the link below for the tea and then sign up.

I have not been a good friend at all!  In fact, I often suck at the friends’ thing, especially when I deeply miss my friends.  I think, and I say wrongly, that sometimes alienating myself will protect myself from missing them.  We would meet at my house and enjoy tea each day and either talk and talk or just be.  So, I clicked over to World Market where I saw a tea set that my husband had bought for me.  Here is the Amazon Affiliate link to the Tea Blossom Set. 

Shhhh, don’t tell the puppies, but I just placed a big PetCo order.  Living in an apartment downtown, I have as much delivered as I can.  I think it may drive my concierge crazy, but honestly it is so much easier for me.  I love ordering from PetCo, because it has everything I need for the pups.

This weekend, they have a special that if you order $50 worth of product, which is not hard at all, you can get $10 off with the code SAVETEN.  I ordered the food I needed – one was an additional 10% off – treats, poop bags, and I always love clicking to the sale section and ordering toys – and so do they! . We go through them like crazy in this house, so I buy them when they are on sale.  This week a lot of Kong toys were on sale.  Yeah!
petco shoppingBelize Trip

We, or should I say my husband, use Orvis for fly-tying stuff!  YES, for fly fishing!  My hubby booked us 9 days in Belize and 6 of those days will be devoted to fly fishing!  So, of course, he has to make all of our flies.  He has been working all week and all week, new supplies have been coming in.  We booked our flight at Belcampo with Orvis and they connected us with a guide, who sent the flies we should bring.

fly fishing suppliesBeing in Omaha, there is not much in the way of supplies for salt water fishing.  In fact, I think the guy who worked at Bass Pro Shop, over the river in Iowa, laughed at us when we asked for certain items.   So, daily packages arrive from various fly-tying suppliers.

But, while he is shopping for fly fishing gear, I’m busy buying beach wear from one of my favorite shops, Calypso.  I can find whatever I need for lounging on the beach, shopping in town, or paddle boarding all in one gorgeous shop.

Oh, I also shopped online at a local organic food delivery service for my groceries and for plane tickets.  I hope you have a great week shopping, whether you hit the mall or decide to stay in and shop online.

Let me know where you’re shopping and what for!