triathlete vacation

When you plan a vacation with a triathlete, there’s certainly the usual considerations that we’ve written about before like:

  • Is there easy access to training, such as a pool/lake?
  • Will you have to bring the bike or can you rent one?
  • Are there kid friendly activities nearby to keep the family occupied?
  • Will you have access to training essentials, such as nutrition?

triathlete vacation

But, there are other things to consider that might not be so obvious. We’ve come upon these during the many races we’ve been to and the vacations we’ve taken with our triathletes and thought we’d let you in on what we’ve learned to help make your vacation more enjoyable.

triathlete vacation paddle boarding on hawaii

So, here’s some more things you should consider – as if you didn’t have enough – the next time you’re planning that vacation with your triathlete in tow. And, hey, just be happy you’re actually getting a vacation!

Avoid Vacation Sites Where You’ve Raced

We’ve learned this the hard way. Now, it’s fine if you go back to the same site for another race. That’s not what we’re talking about. But, when you vacation someplace where your triathlete raced, it’s going to bring back a lot of memories, both good and bad and consume a lot of thought and conversation. When there are so many other places to visit, why not go where you can create your own memories!

Plan an Outdoor Adventure Vacation

There are so many absolutely fantastic outdoor vacations these days that they don’t have to be considered lame. Many even epitomize the word luxury with their venues, hotel, food, and drink. You can choose from cycling trips with Trek Travel, river raft the Grand Canyon, go skiing in Deer Vally, hike our national parks, climb Mount Washington, or do a Switzerland multisport adventure tour with Backroads, just to name a few.

triathlete vacation in napa, california

Make It A Wellness Retreat

Taking care of your whole mind and body is vital. So, why not take a trip that promotes total wellness? There are many resorts and eco-lodges around the world offering 2 days to week long programs with meditation, yoga, cooking, nutrition, and many other type of activities. Truth is, it is great for triathletes and non-triathletes alike. We could all use a bit of de-stressing…

Vacation With Non-Triathlon Family or Friends

When you vacation with other people, your triathlete is less likely to focus on triathlons and training and less likely to talk about it, too. You can always steer the conversation elsewhere when a group is around. Plus, we’ve found they will skip some training to be with everyone or you can even get everyone out for a bike ride that can substitute.

triathlete vacation in naples, florida

Visit and Walk A City

While you are taking a non-triathlon vacation, take to the streets. Walk and discover new neighborhoods in cities and you don’t have to go far if you live close to a big city. Try and stay out of cabs and off public transit. If visiting a larger city like Paris or New York City and you want to explore neighborhoods a bit father out, take the train out and make your way back by foot. You can always stop for breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and/or dinner along the way.

Find an Athletic Activity You Can Do Together

If you just can’t get the whole vacation to yourselves, because let’s face it, they may still want or have to train while you’re gone, find an activity where they will get a workout in and you can enjoy together. For instance, at a hotel we recently stayed at, they had outdoor rock climbing that I was more than happy to do and that gave him a workout, too. You probably exercise, too, so take a spin class or yoga class together.

triathlete vacation rock climbing at four seasons hualalai

Learn Something New Together

As a couple, you have to still have something in common or something you’d like to learn. Either find a place you’d love to vacation at and then find something you could learn together or decide what you’d love to learn and find a great vacation spot that offers it. Ideas that come to mind include learning to play golf or to scuba dive, cooking, taking a class in history or a foreign language; something you would both enjoy.

It’s Time To Play

Take a risk with the family. In season, you may never think of rock climbing or roller skating, do it now. Travel to a destination where you can play in the waterfalls, like Puerto Rico or Jamaica; enjoy the water – no laps allowed. We’re sure you still remember how to play!

triathlete vacation in hawaii

We hope these ideas lead to some great vacations in your future! Let us know…