is it easy to use walmart's online grocery store pickup

Recently, I was asked to check out Walmart’s online grocery shopping pick-up service. First, you should know that I bring real food which is organic and natural into my home. Second, you should know that I love to save time. So, I decided to give this service a try and see if it could meet my criteria.

is walmart's online grocery shopping easy to use
So, I must say yes, we are being compensated for writing this post, but all opinions about this service are my own.
Let me walk you through my experience, but let me tell you this service has Walmart down for a win. Five easy steps, no time in the market, same day pick-up, and they load your groceries. What’s not to get excited about! I can get real food and even delicious organic vanilla ice cream. 

The steps were easy and allowed me to build my market list based on what I needed over a few days. I knew I wanted to pick up on Friday ahead of the weekend, so as I thought about what I needed, I simply added it to my cart. Not only did I get exactly what I needed, but didn’t get what I didn’t need.

Let me explain…When you’re shopping online and not in an actual store, you are less tempted to buy more, because it’s not right in front of you. How many times have you bought a product that you didn’t need? You saw it in the store and it looked good, so you couldn’t resist and threw it in your cart. Right? I know you have. Online shopping keeps you from doing that.

But, back to my Walmart experience…The search menu makes it easy to shop by either how you eat or what you want.



I simply clicked on search, hit organic, and then produce. With simple add-to-cart clicks, I was able to load my virtual cart with all the fresh produce I needed for the weekend.

is walmart's online grocery shopping service easy to use

Next, I selected a pick-up time that worked for me and my order was confirmed.

how do i use walmart's online grocery shopping service


is walmart's online grocery shopping service time saving

At my pick-up time, I followed the well-marked directions to the pick-up location, hit redial on my phone to let them know I was there, and out rolled my groceries.

does walmart's online shopping service work well

Yes, it was that easy! The team loaded the groceries into my big bag and I was gone. It was like so fast I was a bit confused, but in a good way.

will walmart's online grocery service load your groceries in the car

I did have one replacement item when I arrived. The organic raspberries were out of stock and they were replaced with organic blackberries. They were well-marked and I was asked if I wanted the replacement item or a refund. I chose the blackberries as they looked perfect! I am so grateful they let me choose and have such high expectations for the quality. They were as picky as me and I liked that.

I strongly urge you to click here and give this time-saving grocery shopping a try. It will add hours back into your week, something we all can use…

should I use walmart's online grocery pickup service

Walmart offers this service all over the country. Near me in Omaha, we have 5 current locations. I have listed these stores offering online grocery shopping below.

Walmart Supercenter
18201 Wright St
Omaha, NE 68130

Walmart Supercenter
16960 W Maple Rd
Omaha, NE 68116

Walmart Supercenter
8525 S 71st Plaza
Papillion, NE 68133

Walmart Supercenter
10504 S 15th St
Bellevue, NE 68123

Walmart Supercenter
1800 N 16th St
Council Bluffs, IA 51501