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I know, I know. We do a lot of complaining about being married to a triathlete. As triwives/partners they give us plenty to bitch about. And, okay, most of it is justified. But, there are some reasons why we have to admit, it’s not all that bad and in fact, can be pretty darn special. But, can you believe we came up with 22 reasons having a triathlete in your life can be a good thing? It’s true. When we actually sat down and started thinking about all the good, it was hard to stop. So, here you go…

what are some good reasons for having a triathlete in your life



1. You are forced to live a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, I’m honestly not sure I’d be exercising as much as I do or eating as well as I do if it weren’t for my husband. Being married to a triathlete, you’re kind of forced to follow their lead or feel less of a person, because they’re so damn holy with their diet and work out program! I would seriously be more of a slug if I didn’t feel the need to keep up a bit. I’ll admit that him looking fit and trim, puts pressure on me to stay that way, too.

2. You get over any inferiority complex quickly.

The fact that he’s constantly exposed to great looking bodies adds to that pressure to keep fit. And, it’s hard not to feel a little inferior when all you see is taut, tanned bodies surrounding you. But, I know I’ll never look like that and that’s okay. For me it’s a balance and I don’t want to put in all that work.

3. They look pretty hot!

Okay, as a result of that healthy triathlon lifestyle, they stay in great shape. But, there’s also that love of what they’re doing and an aura of confidence about them that adds to the package that makes them rather hot!

what are some reasons for having a triathlete in your life

Lindsay with Craig Alexander on route to Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

4. Your children have a great role model.

Your kids get to have someone in their lives who is disciplined, dedicated, happy, sets a goal and completes it, lives that healthy lifestyle… Now granted, they’re not home that much to actually be that role model, but when they are, your kids have a great person to look up to and model themselves after.

5. You get to do a lot of traveling.

So, it may not always be to the vacation spot you were dreaming about, but there are ways to make the most of any vacation. Next year, make sure you’re involved in the race planning process.

6. You are part of a community for better or worse.

The sport of triathlon is really a small community of some pretty spectacular people. For the most part, it’s people who do look out for and support each other. Hey, it really is nice to be a part of something.

7. You get to be friends with like-minded people.

Many of your friends will now be a part of this world and you can share the good and the bad.

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8. You can dress more casually.

All the nice clothes I originally took to races sat in the hotel closet, so they now stay home. People dress very casually at races. It doesn’t have to mean sloppy, though.

9. You’ll become more extraverted.

Sounds weird since you spend a lot of time alone, but I have found it much easier talking to people since spectating at a lot of races by myself. It’s boring and lonely just standing there waiting for your triathlete to come by, so I just started talking to the person standing next to me. It works!

10. You’ll learn to love your own company.

Trust me, it does make sense with #10. The truth is you will be spending a lot of time alone and hopefully, will grow to love yourself and be comfortable doing things on your own. Trust me, you will survive going to a movie by yourself or having that brunch alone on race day.

why having a triathlete in your life has many positives

11. You’ll have the chance to learn new skills or hone old ones.

This relates to all that alone time. But, I’ve taken this as an opportunity to learn Italian and become a better cook. Don’t waste this time. Make the most of it…

12. You have the opportunity to really get to know and bond with your kids.

While your triathlete trains and races, you will have a lot of alone time with the kids. Use it to your advantage. There’s so much you can do with this one. Even have them take that Italian class with you!

13. You’ll get to spend more time with your friends.

I started having lunch with my friends on weekends, going shopping, or going for a run. As a result, we’ve become closer and I’ve added new friends into my circle.

what are some of the reason a triathlete in your life is a good thing

14. Your spouse has found something to be passionate about.

Okay, so it may not be you, but it’s something and hey, just maybe, he’ll have some energy left over for you.

15. You have an excuse to live with some clutter in your life.

They have so much “stuff” that unless you have a really large place to live or are super organized, there will be food out on the counter, running shoes lying around the house, and the beloved bike in the dining room. So, you have a built-in excuse and someone to blame!

16. You get to see a lot of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Races take place VERY early in the morning, like predawn and on some body of water. So, for a full distance, especially if they’re not pro quality, you will get to see a lot of sunrises AND sunsets. And, if it’s on a beach, really nice sunsets. I’ve got the pictures to prove it…

why a triathlete in your life has many positive reasons

17. You can participate in cross-training activities.

My triathlete has started doing other activities during the “off-season” so I take part in most, such as skiing, golf, and rock climbing. Plus, it gives us the chance to do things together.

18. You will never run out of backpacks in your lifetime.

Since he gets a lot of swag and some backpack/luggage is always included, I will never want for a bag for the rest of my life.

19. You get a chance to be really proud of your spouse.

It’s not often that your spouse does something that you can really go, “Wow, I’m so proud of you” and mean it. But, training and competing in a triathlon is one of those moments – even if they don’t complete it, it is a huge accomplishment.

20. Your spouse now has a group of friends that he/she otherwise wouldn’t have.

Before my husband started doing triathlons, he had very few friends that he chatted with or hung out with. That has totally changed and I think he actually has more than I do now and I’m very happy for him.

what are some reasons that a triathlete in your life can be a good thing

21. You get to keep a routine.

Being married to a “type A” personality, you know you must also love some type of routine. It gets me up early and keeps me focused all day long, which I love.

22. You get bragging rights.

Furthermore, you do get to say to other people, “My husband does Ironman triathlons” and they are duly impressed. Really!

triathlete in your life is a good thing