do you need a vacation from your triathlete

do you need a vacation from your triathlete?

A triathlon house often has the focus on one person – the triathlete. We all know that’s not the way life should be, but we also know that’s our reality. We also know that all too often our vacations are centered around a race. Again, we know that’s not the way life should be, but it’s our reality if we want a vacation at all. I’m here to tell you why it shouldn’t be that way and why getting away by yourself or with friends might just be what you need…

4 Reasons Why A Vacation From Your Triathlete Might Make You Smile

You Need a Break From the World of Triathlon

This really shouldn’t need any explaining at all. Right? But, just in case…You need a few days or longer just not to hear the word triathlon used in any way, shape, or form or to see a pair of bike shorts hanging our to dry or tables consumed in tri gear or spouses wearing spandex. It is so nice to get away and be with people who have to ask, “What’s an Ironman?” But, better yet, the subject never comes up!

need a break from your triathlete?

You Need to Catch Up on Your Sleep

If you’re like me, your triathlete gets up VERY early in the morning to train. Sometimes it’s around 4am in my house during race season. And, while most of the time he does try to be quiet, I wake up with him many mornings, especially when he forgets to close the door before turing on the light. If I’m lucky, I get back to sleep, but not always. And, even when that happens, I wake up again when he comes back to shower and get ready for work. Getting away might just put an end to the sleep disrupting pattern for a few days. If not, it will help me remember what it’s like to get a full night’s sleep.

You Want to Improve Your Romantic Life

Yes, I’m serious here. Sometimes you get so sick of them and all their training and tri talk, not to mention the things we see, hear, and smell that make them less than chick magnets! Getting away for awhile and rebooting can perhaps put a spark back in the romance department. But, pounce quickly when you get home, because it won’t be long before reality sets in and you walk by when they’ve been on their bike inside for 3 hours and get a whiff and poof, the romance is gone…

need a break from your triathlete?

It’s Time to Re-Focus on You

Being a partner of a triathlete requires a lot of time spent focused on the triathlete, from training to diet to taking on more responsibilities in the household. This leaves precious little “me” time. Getting away can put the focus on you and what you like to do. Find a spa, go for a nice long run, spend time with your girlfriends, take a vacation with your daughter – whatever puts you in the forefront and the world of triathlon far behind! Now, doesn’t this sound heavenly?

the world of triathlons

I hope this makes you realize what a good idea it just might be to get a break for yourself. If you do, we’d love to hear what kind of vacation you take and if indeed, it made you smile…