what are must haves for a family road trip

Summer is the time most of us love to escape our day-to-day routines, jump in the car, and head out for family road trips. Whether it’s sneaking away for a long weekend or a whole week or two, our favorite getaways are those where we get to explore and discover new places. But, with discovering a new place can come uncertainties as well.

what is in babbleboxx for family road trips

BabbleBoxx must haves for your next family road trips.

We always wonder where will we eat, what will we do, will there be a place to pick up snacks that we like? Then, we worry if there will be enough activities to make everyone happy. We have found over our years of traveling that whether it is a road trip, fly and drive, or just a trip to a nearby city, we need to make sure we are prepared. Just ensuring we have a few basics can help take some stress out of the trip.

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So, we’ve discovered that there are a few must haves for any road trip, no matter the length, that we never leave home without.

what are must haves for family road trips

5 Must Haves For Family Road Trips


Audiobooks are a must when we travel. We especially like to have a variety to choose from. But, we found we were spending a lot of money on purchasing, downloading, and rentals. Things changed when we were recently introduced to Audible, an Amazon company.

I love traveling while being able to listen to a book that the family can enjoy together and really get into. Listening to a book can bring out so much in you…from the excitement of waiting for what will happen next to the tingling building up in a romantic novel to the fear of waiting for the highlight of a scary book.

what are must haves for family road trips like audiobooks

Audible downloads are available on almost any device from an iPhone to an Android. You can also access all the offerings with a low monthly fee. I’m very happy our family has so many options of books and short programs.

You can check it out with our Audible code and download a book as part of a 1-month trial.

Comfort Food

Every good road trip needs a stack of pancakes and a place to eat that you know and feel comfortable at, no matter where you are. You know the quality and that you will get just what you like. IHop is that place for us. It doesn’t matter if it is morning, noon, or night, you can get their classic buttermilk pancakes, which are my favorite.

what are some must have items for family road trips like stopping at IHop

IHop is celebrating their 59th Anniversary and through all these years, they have always done one thing we love, served breakfast all day long. Their pancakes are always fluffy and we love them as our main course, with a side and dessert. No matter where you are traveling, you can always find an IHop for a fluffy stack, even in the heart of Manhattan!

A Great New Toy

While hitting the road can be exhilarating, it can also be challenging. So, to help make sure our twins had something to look forward to and were kept occupied, we always brought along a new and exciting toy. Today, the Cube-tastic! 3×3 Puzzle Cube would be our choice. It is like multiple toys in one and with the free Augmented Reality app, it not only teaches you how to play, but then challenges your to become faster and better every time you play.

are there must haves for family road trips like cube-tastic

With the actual cube and app, you are getting the best of both worlds. It’s Rubik’s Cube with the added bonus of the app for even more engagement. We also love that although it’s plastic, it is non-toxic, PBA free, and get this, its biodegradable design makes it food safe. The Puzzle Cube is great for all ages, including adults! This amazing brain teaser is truly a great toy for hours of enjoyment.

You can actually order one by clicking here.

A Cure-All Tool

When we hit the road, we are usually out for some adventure. But, adventure to us often means we break things. Which in turn means we need a repair kit. To the rescue comes T-Rex Tape. Due to it’s three layers that are double think and even hold over dirt, it can repair many things. Recently, on a camping trip, we forgot to check out our tarp prior to leaving and guess what? When we arrived, one of our ties had been torn. Luckily, the T-Rex was perfect and held the tarp and string together and we did not get wet. Just what you need for a quick fix.

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Protein-Filled Snacks

There are snacks for the road and then there are real snacks for the road! On our family road trips, we steer away from junk and opt for snacks that will really fuel our adventures. Chops Beef Jerky is perfect for us and checks off all our boxes. It is 100% All-Natural and has no MSG, preservatives, or nitrites. We also love that it’s made from USDA Choice and Select Beef Brisket. Chops Jerky is the perfect beef jerky for any time and we love that you can order it on Amazon.

what are some snacks like chopssnacks that are must haves for family road trips

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What are your must haves for family road trips?