giant jenga

It has been years and when I say years, I mean years, since we have played Jenga.  Yes, the classic Jenga sits on our game shelf and was greatly loved over the years.  But, then Jenga GIANT arrived at my door as we were headed to Boulder for a long weekend.  We were staying at the Boulder Adventure Lodge and thought this was the perfect place to try it out with others.  So, we put the compact box that held all the pieces nicely in the car and off we went.  Yes, it was David and I off to play in the mountains for the weekend with Jenga in tow instead of the kids.

I was always afraid of regular Jenga, as I am not a good loser and now, this stacked 3-4 feet high for goodness sakes, had me anxiously thinking,  “How will I win”?  Let’s just say I did not win the first round, but then I started to get good.

David and I started the first round on a solid surface and the first couple of moves seemed to be a bit tight, but quickly loosened up as the game progressed.  Deciding what block to move next was the hardest decision each time, especially when I was being heckled.  By our second round, a few other people had gathered around and the game became a bunch of adults seriously engaged.  The highest we got was just over 2 1/2 feet, yes we measured as we went.  Some crazy person in the group suggested we move to the grass and we did, and although making the base less stable and games quicker, it was a lot of fun, too.

giant jingo

Jenga Giant Premium Hardwood Game is a perfect gift for older kids to adults.  I personally would buy it for my pre-teen nieces and nephews on up and for adults.  We typically buy a grouping of games for wedding gifts, house warmings, birthdays, and holidays, but this year, all will be getting Jenga GIANT.

Disclosure: I was provided with Jenga GIANT for my review.  I was not paid for this article.  All opinions are my own.