what are activities at anantara si kao

Nestled on the world famous Andaman Sea, without the hustle and bustle of crowded Phuket, lies the unmatched serenity of the Anatara’s Si Kao property. This luxurious jewel of a resort is located in Trang. This is the second most southern province in Thailand on the Malay Peninsula.

Anantara believes that life is a journey. The company works hard to curate exceptional and exclusive activities for their guests. And they’ve succeeded. There’s something available for everyone from the adventurer to the honeymooner to the relaxation seeker. Here are our top picks.

Disclosure: We would like to thank our friends at Anantara Si Kao for consideration that was provided to us during our stay.

what are activities on anantara si kao

5 Can’t Miss Activities at Anantara Si Kao

Island Hopping, Koh Kradan + Koh Muk

With the beauty of the ocean front and center, it’s only natural that a top option at Anantara Si Kao is an island tour. There are choices between one and two island trips on either a speed boat or a traditional Thai long boat.

The two island tour includes Trang’s most visited tourist site, the Morakot (Emerald) Cave. The name comes from the distinct emerald color of the sea water. This is most evident during the high points of the day when the sun is reflecting a certain way. The cave entrance is so narrow, it can only be entered by swimming. Then it opens onto a picturesque cove and sandy beach.

what are not to be missed activities at anantara si kao

The long boat way to island hop.

After a visit to this pretty spot, the boat will anchor for an hour en route to the next island. This allows for some amazing snorkeling. We were happy to learn the reef has been excellently maintained and is teeming with schools of fish and other creatures.

Next up is Koh Kradan, which is is part of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The exclusive Anantara Beach Club is housed here. A delicious BBQ lunch and boozy beverages are available only for Anantara guests. Western-style bathrooms and chaise lounges are there for soaking up the sun. Additionally, Koh Kradan offers excellent snorkeling from its beach. All this means options for time spent there are endless. This opportunity will take up most of the day, but is so worth it. It can’t be missed for a full Andaman experience.

Dining by Design

To add a little romance and elegance to any Thailand vacation, Dining by Design is an absolute must. This is Anatara’s signature dining experience. It includes a private, candlelight dinner on the beach. Seating takes place just before sunset. So, pre-dinner cocktails can be enjoyed with the idyllic views.

what are some activities at anantara si kao resort

Dining by Design. Photo credit Anantara Hotels.

A chef-driven menu of multiple courses follows. This can either be totally decided by the in-house chef or can take your dietary needs and preferences into account. Needless-to-say, it makes for an incredible and unforgettable evening.

Si Kao Spa 

No trip to Thailand is complete without a pampering massage. The on-property spa at Anatara offers many types to choose from. The most popular is their signature service. This includes a foot massage followed by a hot oil body massage. Another noteworthy choice is the ancient Thai massage, sometimes called passive yoga. Either way, extreme relaxation and stress relief is the end result.

what are some not to be missed activities at Anantara Si Kao

Photo credit Anantara Hotels.

Spice Spoons Cooking Class

The cooking class begins with a tour of the lively nearby village market. Here you pick fresh ingredients for use in dinner preparation. Attendees can sample the unique tastes, breathe in the exotic smells, and view the bright foods of a true Thai market. Food is such a good way to learn about any country’s culture. Spice Spoons is a great window into spicy southern Thai cuisine.

what are must do activities at Anantara Si Kao

Ingredients for the Spice Spoons Cooking Class.

The chef allows the guest to choose their own menu, based on their palate. It is recommended to choose the regional specialties for the truest immersion into Si Kao, Trang province. Dinner is a large three course feast with hands on instruction from the chef. Participants even get to leave the class with an apron, cutting board, and recipe book to recreate the dishes back at home. Trang is surely a foodie delight and up and coming culinary travel destination!

Dugong Spotting Excursion

A dugong is similar to a manatee which is a marine mammal that subsists from sea grass. They are endangered, but southern Thailand contains most of the remaining animals. The Anantara Si Kao has its own Corporate Social Responsibility officer. This person focuses on sustainable tourism and conservation of the dugong’s habitat.

what are some can't miss activities at Anantara Si Kao

A dugong (manatee) spotted. Photo credi Anantara Hotels.

The tour takes guests to Koh Libong to spot Dugongs in their natural environment. Attendees have the option of snorkeling, kayaking, and/or birdwatching on this half day excursion. Optional sea grass planting is offered to make more of a positive impact. Back on property, a Dugong Education & Conservation Centre allows for even more immersion. Ethical tourism is an important part of any experience at the Anantara Si Kao.

Overall, there’s so much to do at the Anatara Si Kao Resort, it would be easy to vacation for weeks. Consider these five activities when planning a trip to Thailand. It’s guaranteed to be a magical, unforgettable holiday.