An aerial view of the Primland property. Photo credit Primland.

There is magic in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I found it. Located in southern Virginia near the North Carolina border, Primland resort is truly a land of its own. Covering over 12,000 acres, you really feel like you are miles away from civilization and in your own world. But, not ON your own. There is an amazing staff that helps guide and take care of you the entire time you are there.

Primland is perfect for a solo trip, girls spa getaway (don’t forget to have them plan an outing to the local winery), fishing trip with friends, golf weekend, or romantic getaway. It is also perfect for the multigenerational trip you need to plan, so that everyone has something to do and is happy.

does Primland Resort make a good Blue Ridge Mountains getaway

Part of the magic at Primland is how the property was so thoughtfully designed. The different accommodation types and activities are spread throughout the property. From fly fishing the Dan River in a location that is so special it is protected and only accessible if you are staying at Primland to having dinner in the kitchen with Chef, not one beat is missed in the care of the guests at Primland. My only complaint was that 2 nights was just not enough time to relax and take it all in. I need more time to do it all. Which means, I will be back…

Getting to Primland

Getting to Primland is easy with many airport options and transfers that can be arranged by Primland if you choose not to drive. But if you do, it is very easy from many east coast locations or to rent a car from the airport. Then, once you arrive at the gates, you have a few additional miles to drive though the beautiful roads on the property before reaching the resort.


The Lodge

The main Lodge (with 2 restaurants, a spa, gym, game room, great room, observatory and library) serves as home base for day trippers, golfers and those staying either at the Lodge or the resort’s other lodging options.**

It’s perched atop a mountain in the middle of the property, with giant windows offering 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery. Consisting of 26 unique and luxuriously-appointed rooms, the lodge itself is a case study in effective regional and eco-friendly architecture.

does Primland Resort make a great Blue Ridge Mountains getaway

The spa at Primland. Photo credit Primland.

It’s obvious that much care has been taken in the lodge’s design — both aesthetically and intrinsically — to show respect to the native cultures who have previously inhabited this land. The silo that’s part of the main building pays tribute to the region’s agricultural roots, while Native American and aboriginal art beautifully adorn the walls. The raw construction materials were carefully chosen as well, with dramatic wooden beams and paneling made of recycled and indigenous materials from neighboring Patrick and Floyd counties.

Primland definitely takes itself and its commitment to sustainable luxury seriously, but there’s also an underlying rustic vibe at the lodge that’s incredibly refreshing. It’s just a very comfortable and peaceful place.

The Rooms at Primland

There are five different lodging options at Primland. To best determine the right one for you and/or your group, I would call and allow the staff to choose the option that best meets your needs.

I stayed in a Blue Ridge Suite in the Lodge Suites. These rooms and suites are located in the lodge where the spa, pool, main restaurants, star gazing, and so much more are located. Amazingly, you never feel as though it is busy at all.

There was a half bath, wet bar, dining area, desk, and a living room with fireplace in the main room. Located through the suite was a beautiful master bedroom with an open bathroom, so that the tub sat where you could soak and take in the mountains. The bathroom was as big as the bedroom and you all know how much I love an awesome bathroom. There was plenty of closet space and storage for your extended stay and outdoor equipment.

can I find some Blue Ridge Mountains magic at Primland Resort

A bedroom in one the Lodge Suites. Photo credit Primland.

The amenities were fabulous and linens were fine fabrics. But, the highlight of the suite to me was the expansive balcony. No matter the season, I would enjoy sitting out there. In the evenings, I wrapped in a big blanket and watched the stars. Add a glass of wine or hot beverage and heaven…

There are four additional room types that I was able to visit.

The Pinnacle Cottages are where I would stay with my family or choose to stay in one wing if traveling with just my husband. The two-cottage types sit at 2800 feet and overlook the Pinnacles of Dan and the Dan River Gorge. When you arrive and when you are in the suites, you feel as though you are tucked away in the mountain in the woods. Each has art work from local artists that I wanted to purchase and take home. The suites are beautifully appointed with furniture that is both elegant and comfortable. All have bedrooms, sitting areas, gas fireplaces, and beautiful balconies.

how are the rooms at Primland Resort for a Blue Ridge Mountains getaway

The living area in a Pinnacle Cottage. Photo credit Primland.

The Fairway Cottages are located along the golf course. These are perfect for extended family trips or friends traveling together. Each has multiple bedrooms, living rooms, wet bars, porches, and more to enjoy. They’re located in a cluster so it makes it easy to use the whole area with your group or for a family to enjoy one cottage and still have the space and solitude of being on the course.

Oh, the Tree Houses…This is where I would truly give up so much to stay in, but luckily, don’t have to.  Each was built around the trees where they are located with the branches incorporated into the house. They each have a bedroom suite with soaking tub and an expansive deck that sits over the rocks with views of the Kibler Valley and North Carolina Piedmont. The Tree Houses are adults only and each has an ATV for you to get around the property.

is primland resort a great place for blue ridge mountains magic

The stunning bedroom view from the Tree House room. Photo credit Primland.

From the drive up to the Tree Houses to the charming suites and amazing decks, you really feel as though you are on the edge of the world. But, I will warn you that the Tree Houses are a little more rustic than the other rooms. That being said, a little more rustic only means they are not as expansive, decorated as much, and the bathrooms are a bit more common. BUT, the location and the views are the true luxuries when booking at the Tree House. I would book here in a heartbeat when traveling with hubby, especially for a romantic fly fishing getaway.

The final room type is the Mountain Homes. Although I did drive past a couple of these, I did not get an opportunity to tour them. Each is tucked away in a private section on the property with a full kitchen, expansive views from each deck, balcony, and multiple bedrooms, and common areas. The Mountain homes are perfect for families, groups or extended family and you can dine in your home, cook there and use all the Primland facilities.

Food and Drink

There are three main restaurants at Primland as well as room service, Chef’s Table, private dining, and the outdoor area lunchroom. The food at all are based on what is fresh and in-season, as well as sustainable and organic when possible.

does blue ridge mountains magic happen at Primland resort

The Chef’s Table. Photo credit Primland.

Stables Saloon is not located in the main lodge, but sits in a beautiful spot where the old stables were. In season, it is open for breakfast and dinner and serves a traditional Southern cuisine. It was not open the days I was at Primland, but the menu left me wanting to visit again to enjoy.

19th Pub is the main restaurant open for lunch, snacks, cocktails, and dinner everyday with both indoor and outdoor seating. I enjoyed a lunch and dinner at the 19th Pub as well as cocktails while learning about moonshine. The food was delicious and all made from scratch. Sitting outside you can enjoy a view of the mountains and the golf course.

how are the restaurants at Primland Resort as a Blue Ridge Mountains getaway

The 19th Pub at Primland. Photo credit Primland.

The Outdoor Center is where a bulk of the activities meet and happen. On the day I was RTVing and enjoying other activities, I had my lunch in the lunch room. The menu was simple with soups, sandwiches, salads, and the most delicious brownies ever. It was really the perfect way to fuel up and enjoy Primland food in my gear ready for my next adventure.

Elements is where you go for fine dining. We enjoy getting dressed in the evenings and a menu that changes with the season to explore the unique flavors. Both were satisfied at Elements and we could eat there every night. The focus is on organic and sustainable food and Chef using the idea of the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth in every dish he prepares.

does Primland Resort offer some Blue Ridge Mountains magic

The Elements dining room at Primland. Photo credit Primland.

The Chef’s Table is also available at Elements. There is a counter you can book and eat right in the kitchen while you watch Chef prepare your meal as he oversees the kitchen. This will be where we sit the next time we travel there. Elements is also used as the breakfast spot for Primland. There is both a full menu and a buffet with classics and southern dishes.

Activities at Primland

There is no shortage for something to do at Primland or you can do nothing at all. With over 12,000 acres to play on and a staff to help design exactly what you want to do, you and everyone you are with will always be taken care of and happy.

I only had two short days at Primland, but I squeezed a lot in. I also asked my RTV guide to show me the property, so I was able to see a lot of that as well. To make the most of my time, I got in some relaxing, RTVing, and fly fishing.

does Primland offer ATVing

ATVing at Primland.

The RTV was so much fun. I got geared up and my wonderful guide and I discussed the type of riding I wanted to do. You know me…fast, puddles, views, fun, and excitement and that is exactly what he gave me. We crossed a couple of creeks, rode through some meadows, toured a small part of the property, and made many stops along the way to enjoy the amazing views of the land.

After my morning of exploring, I took a long shower, spent a little time exploring the very relaxing pool and spa area, and enjoyed a massage. It was great to have the space to unwind.

The other activity I enjoyed was fly fishing. This alone had me wanting to get back as soon as possible, but this time with my husband. You see, fly fishing has become our favorite hobby and we have fished some pretty amazing places in the world. But, the Dan River and the section I was on with the guide was life changing for a fly fisher. I will not bore you with all the details here as those will soon be out for you to read.

is fly fishing one of the activities in a Blue Ridge Mountains getaway at Primland

Getting ready to go fly fishing.

First, I will say my guide was incredible. He picked me up at the lodge and we drove in the truck to a small road. From there, we suited up and grabbed our gear and crossed the river on foot. Honestly, I was awe struck at that spot, but more was in front of us. As we walked through the forest, my guide was pointing out why this area was so special. I totally understood when we arrived! It took me a good five minutes just to take it all in before I could even release my rod. Then, we started fishing.

My gosh it was breathtaking. I didn’t want to come off the river when it was time. I am not sure if I was casting well or not, although I did catch a couple of fish. The spot was so incredible I had a hard time focusing on my casting. But, my guide kept offering advice and by the end of my time, I had learned a couple new things as well as had a most enjoyable experience.

is fly fishing one of the activities at Primland Resort

My catch of the day at Primland.

There are many other activities to participate in. Golf is a major draw in season for many people. The course is literally built into the property and is just beautiful. Water activities on the lake include kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes. For the more adventurous, there is biking, bow and air rifle range, geocaching, horseback riding, and so much more. For more relaxing activities, you can choose from disc golf and nature walks to stargazing, pool time, tennis, or just sitting around and enjoying the property.

do they offer horseback riding at Primland Resort

The stables at Primland.

Primland is the type of getaway you go to once, but it will become the place you visit again and again. It may become a tradition or an annual event for a specific type of outing like fly fishing. It just makes the perfect getaway year after year.

Have you been on a Blue Ridge Mountains Getaway?