romesco sauce

Trying to be creative and meet the nutritional needs of my triathlete is always on my front burner, both literally and figuratively speaking! This time of year is just so chock full of great ingredients that I’m usually not at a loss for ideas. But, I always seem to gravitate towards the tomatoes. When you can’t have them year round with the same flavor and variety, you tend to go overboard in the summer to make sure you get your fill.


And this year is very special as one of my birthday presents from my family was an outdoor garden trellis for my patio. My dream gift, seriously – they know me so well.

romesco sauce

Plus, I subscribe to an organic fresh produce delivery service and hit every farmer’s market I can, so tomatoes are in abundance in my house; not to mention peppers. This recipe also uses sweet dried peppers, like these Casa Ruiz Brand Chile Ancho, that if you haven’t used before are worth a try!


So, this got me thinking about a recipe my mom (affectionately referred to as Bub or Bubbie) used to make for Romesco Sauce. This is a classic Spanish sauce using tomatoes, peppers, and nuts, usually almonds. What I love is it’s versatility. You can use it as a dip, on pasta, or on meats, fish, eggs, and vegetables. I make it ahead of time and refrigerate and then use it to make several different meals during the week. I will say I do love to serve it over a meaty fish like halibut or potatoes and use it as a base for Mediterranean Chicken. Yum!

romesco sauce

Oh, I also used the tomatoes to make a ridiculously easy and scrumptious Tomato Bisque if you’re interested. You can find the recipe over at MomsGoodEats

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