ironman 70.3 california triathlon
ironman austria triathlon

At least he’s all smiles at the finish…

Okay, I’m just going to say it…I’M TIRED AND I’M HAPPY RACE SEASON IS OVER. I want my life and my triathlete back. Who’s with me?

I find that some years race season is fun and effortless and other years, it just drags on and I can’t wait for it to be over. This has been one of those years. The main factors that seem to influence my attitude include:

  • What’s going in my life and how much time I have to devote to being his support team.
  • The race venues he/we have chosen. I certainly have my favorites or wish list races, but when it’s not someplace I want to go to I have two choices; either go and suck it up and make the most of a get away or let him go alone. Neither choice is ideal, but is our reality.
  • How he does at the races and how he’s feeling. His performance and mood have a huge bearing on mine.

Then there’s late races…Ironman Florida and Arizona are two we frequently go to – well, one or the other. Both take place in November, which means training goes on for what seems like forever. Add onto that an early race like late March and there’s NO BREAK. That was my 2015!

ironman 70.3 california triathlon

I found myself taking pictures of Jesse Thomas instead of my triathlete.

It’s all warm and fuzzy when you first start the season. Everyone is excited about the possibilities and psyched for that first race and of course, the thought of the World Championships is always in the background. You’re going to see old friends and maybe make some new ones. As a triwife, I’m thrilled for my triathlete and what lies ahead. I know he has put in the hours to have a great season, as long as he stays healthy.

For myself, I revel in the initial excitement, too, but it pops or wanes over the season. When it starts to wane, but you still have to put on that smile and be the support team, how do you cope? When the season seems like it will never end, how do you still feign excitement? This is especially critical depending on how your triathlete is doing. If they’re having a crappy season, it’a almost more important that you’re there for support and to cheer them on. This is when they need you most; when they’re probably wanting to quit and wondering why bother. But, it’s also probably when you’re not feeling your cheerleader best, either.

So, how do you get your triwife mojo back during a LOOOONG season? Here’s what I’ve done…

  • When I’m at a race I’m not too thrilled to be at or it’s a long day and I’m bored, I’ll fool around with my photography to work on my skills and okay, pass the time. I’ll try and take pics of the athletes and spectators from different angles and at different speeds. It’s actually a lot of fun to see what you can do when it doesn’t matter. I’ll also stop to watch others who seem really excited and especially those people all dressed up and screaming with enthusiasm. It’s a great reminder of days gone by…Ironman Mont Tremblant triathlon
  • I’ll chat with one of you newbie triwives, because you just make me so incredibly happy. I never fail to get cheered up and have new life breathed into my triwife responsibilities.
  • I’ll go to a local race, even if my triathlete isn’t racing, because this is where the “real” people are. This is where it all starts for most triathletes and their supporters, so the genuine thrill of the event is so palpable.
  • I’ll bring up next season and see what races he’s thinking about doing to know if I have something to look forward to or at least give my input, so I’m not disappointed next year.
  • And if all that fails to spark some enthusiasm, I’ll just be honest and say, “Hey, I’m having a bad year and in a funk. Can I take a break from triathlons for awhile?” I know he’s heard those words before coming out of his own mouth, so can’t begrudge me the feeling.

I am now breathing a sigh of relief, because the race season has actually come to it’s end and I can focus on the holidays and having family visit, instead of worrying about him being out on a 5 hour bike ride. I’m truly going to enjoy the next few months…