Just hanging around.....

Just hanging around and building stone Ironmen….

This is a very bitter sweet time for me.  The race season starts for my trihubby at the first of the year and the kids are headed back to school after 18 days at home, but do we have a season?  And really, this is the first time EVER they have been home for this long without having other activities planned.  We are usually away for our breaks and staying put this year was amazing; even trihubby was home for 10 straight days!  We were able to just hang out as a family and do things together we don’t ordinarily have the chance to.  We did yoga, hit an indoor parkour, hiked, and actually had most meals together.  What made this time all the more special was that we had a wonderful four days of a full house with my sisters and their families visiting from out of town.

I was talking about my emotions during this time to another mom, who said, “18 days is so long”.  I have to say, NO, it is too short.  I guess if you’re used to having the family together most of the year, than yes, 18 days at one stretch might seem long.  But, I have a husband who is gone a good deal of the time for business and twins who are so involved in school and extracurricular activities, that I have to be scheduled in to see them.  So, while I’m excited they are all entering a a new “season”, I’m feeling a bit left behind, honestly…..

The new year for me means:

  • my trihubby is back to regular workouts
  • we remain apart for long periods of time due to work
  • my daughter is back at the dance studio 6 days a week
  • my son is back to gymnastics 6 days a week and
  • when they are not at the studio or gym, they are at school

Can you believe those twins? Did they get their flexibility from the guy on the phone?

There will be no more family group activities for awhile; no more long, conversation-filled family dinners and lingering breakfasts; and no more “oh, please” looks from the kids as my sisters and I reminisce about growing up.  Reluctantly, yet resignedly at the same time, I have to accept the inevitable and say this is all okay.  All good things must come to an end for other good things to move in. Right?

  • Yes, it is back to school, but that means more learning and growing through knowledge.
  • Yes, it is back to the studio and gym, but that means they learn more great life lessons and strengthen their bodies and minds.  And best of all, they are laying the groundwork for an unlimited world of opportunity to lead them down many great paths.
  • Yes, it is back to race season workouts, but it keeps my trihubby happy and healthy.
  • Yes, I must be apart from David for a while longer, but he is energized, engaged, and enjoying our soon to be new life.

So, as I send my kids back to school and David back to the business world and the world of triathlons, I will treasure the time the four of us had together and look forward to what the winter has in store for us.  What I learned:  take advantage of your time together and engage in activities that are new and healthy for all of you.  But, most importantly, I will look forward to spring break when I have them all together again.  (Big sigh…….)

Hold on, this feeling a little left behind has me thinking.  While my family is all off to new phases in their life, I’m feeling a little stuck in the old.  Nothing really changes for me in the near future.  Trust me, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I love my sometimes mundane life, but it makes me question if I need a “season” too.  Do I need a bit of revival or is the present enough?  On this chilly morning in Texas, I’m taking my cup of tea, curling up on the sofa with my throw and pups, and going to ponder this very important question.  I’ll get back to you……


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