what are some fabulous finds cruising with regent seven seas

I was very fortunate to travel on two Regent Seven Seas Cruises this past year, both on the Explorer. What an absolutely amazing ship she is! I was taken in not just by the beauty, the food, the cocktails, and the excursions, but also the people.

The first trip I took was from Barcelona to Venice and the second was a Transatlantic Crossing. When you are looking for a luxury ship to check all the boxes for needs, wants, and wishes, Regent is the line for you. Everything on the Regent cruises is included, even all your excursions and business or first class airfare depending on the suite you book.

what are some fabulous finds cruising with regent seven seas

But there are always a few things you can do to turn it up a notch to meet your personal needs. Check out my five, although there are many more, fabulous finds on Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Explorer.

Cooking Classes

The Culinary Arts Kitchen is an exclusive to the Explorer. Located on Deck 11 with amazing views as you cruise, it is the perfect place to spend some time learning new skills and recipes whether you are a beginner or expert. The room is divided into 18 individual cooking stations and each station is fully equipped. I have taken a total of three classes and hope over time to take many more.

On my most recent cruise, my best friend and I took the Mediterranean class. We had so much fun! It was extra special with Chef Kelly stopping in to mix up one of her favorite cocktails from the region. My friend also bought the Regent Culinary Cookbook for me as a gift and I have used it many times. The Culinary Arts Kitchen Classes do have an additional fee that starts at $89. But seriously, it is worth every penny.

is a cooking class one of the fabulous finds cruising with regent seven seas

Enjoying a cooking class with my BFF on board the Explorer.


Oh, so much wine! On both of the cruises I was able to enjoy excursions that included visits to vineyards and wine tastings. From France to Croatia and Italy, I was able to learn from amazing vintners, vineyard owners, and sommeliers. And the best part…the excursions were part of the All-Inclusive Regent Experience.

But, this article is about my finds…Well, I found a lot! I was able to taste, enjoy, and purchase wine to have shipped home. The experiences I enjoyed while cruising were amazing. But being home and a couple of weeks later having my wine delivered was pure joy!

is wine one of your fabulous finds on regent seven seas cruises

So many wine choices with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Lunch at Hotel Eza

The Seven Seas Explorer has another amazing culinary program that I participated in. It is the Seven Seas Explorer Gourmet Explorer Tours. Each tour is curated by Chef Kelly for the specific destination. Honestly, I never set bucket list items. I make a to-do list and get it done. Every one of the tours in this program is now on my to-do list.

My first tour was when we docked in Monaco. Our group, very small, just like all the tours to keep it more special and unique boarded our bus to the Nice Market. Chef escorted us to the center of town, making stops along the way to show us local specialities. We then had time to wander the market and purchase items to try. We continued to Chateau Eza where we enjoyed the view, the food, the wine, and our time with like-minded Regent guests. Truly, I want to do each and every one of these tours.

what are some fabulous finds on a regent seven seas cruise like a visit to chateau eza

Lunch at Chateau Eza. What a view!

The Spa

If there is one name that jumps out to spa lovers everywhere, it is Canyon Ranch. And you guessed it. The Regent Seven Seas spas are managed by the amazing Canyon Ranch. We’re talking a full-service spa, with hot tub, steam rooms, cold rooms, and everything in-between. And a space that is calming and very well appointed.

is the spa one of the fabulous finds on the regent seven seas cruises

The Canyon Ranch Spa on Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Photo credit Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

To tell the truth, the space itself is so inviting I enjoyed just sitting out on the deck by the pool while at sea. My best friend traveling with me had her hair done a few times at the beauty salon and it looked just beautiful. From make up to Reiki and skin care treatments to massages, you can get it all. For most guests, the spa and salon are an additional fee, but it you book certain cabins some services are included.


There is so much to be said about the shopping. I will just say, pack an additional bag, be ready to ship items from stores, and thank goodness the closets are big in the suites for your purchases. Whether you are on an excursion, wandering around port, or shopping on board, there is so much to enjoy to take home.

When in Nice I bought olive oils, candied fruits, and cookies. In Spain I bought beautiful spices as gifts.

what are some fabulous finds on regents seven seas cruises

Spices from Spain.

In Capri I shopped for me, which included shoes and a bag. While in Rome I wandered and now have a well-stocked closet. There are so many choices for shopping on the ship. I purchased a couple of items, but did not buy the one thing I wanted and still am so upset about it. On my last cruise they had a guest jewelry designer and I went back three times. I kept saying I will buy it tomorrow, but forgot the shops were closed when at port. So a word of advice, if you want it – buy it!

Did you discover any Fabulous Finds while you were at Sea?

Disclaimer – While I was not paid for this article, I was a guest of Regent Seven Seas. In exchange for teaching digital photography and social media while at sea, I was able to enjoy all the benefits of a guest on the ship. I personally paid for all of the items above, except for the cookbook. My BFF Clara bought that for me!