sustainable shoe brands like allbirds

By now, LifeDoneWell readers know how much I focus on sustainable living. But one piece of this complex puzzle that I haven’t yet shared with you is footwear. Since fashion is a huge part of our rapidly overflowing landfill problem, it makes a lot of sense to examine our choice of shoes through a green lens. So, I’ve rounded up my favorite sustainable shoe brands that are perfect for adventures at home or abroad. Read on for my must-try list!

Sustainable Shoe Brands We Love


One really versatile shoe line that I can’t get enough of is the American company Rothy’s. They have already repurposed more than 30 million plastic water bottles and turned them into their stylish flats. Styles range from the original rounded tip flat to the pointy flat, the sneaker, and the loafer. They even create mini magic with their kids shoes options.

sustainable shoe brands like rothy's

Photo credit Rothy’s.

But the best part about this company is that the shoes are washable which extends their shelf life. Plus, Rothy’s packaging is 100% recyclable. These shoes are versatile and can go from the office to happy hour to a weekend getaway.

They have a give $20, get $20 offer where you give a friend $20 off their first order and you get $20 off your next!


San Francisco-based allbirds makes my favorite sneakers. Their tagline is “the world’s most comfortable shoes” and I’m inclined to agree. They use one recycled plastic water bottle for each pair of laces, plus natural and sustainable materials like sheep’s wool, tree fiber, castor bean oil, and sugarcane. allbirds packaging comes from a thoughtful source, too as 90% of it is recycled cardboard.

sustainable shoe brands

The company takes their commitment to the environment seriously, and is now carbon neutral. allbirds wool runners are great for fall and winter travel while their lighter tree runners are perfect for warmer weather trips. They combine the comfort of a supportive walking shoe with fun colors to add a bit of style to any getaway.

Alice + Whittles

These days, I’m much more likely to be trudging through a muddy field or along the beautiful Manokin River than down a bustling city street. But I couldn’t be happier with my life transition from city girl to farm girl at Sugar Water Manor. And that’s why I’m so excited to share this next brand with you, Canadian-based Alice + Whittles. All of their products are made from natural and recycled materials.

sustainable shoe brands like alice + whittles

Photo credit Alice + Whittles.

My personal favorite is the rain booties for all my country living needs. A + W offers mostly short boots and one taller variety as well. This company pays special attention to their ethical supply chain as all of the rubber is 100% natural Fair Trade and FSC-Certified.

While shoes are just one part of making fashion more environmentally-conscious, they are certainly a step in the right direction.

Do you have any Rothy’s, allbirds, or Alice + Whittles shoes? What’s your favorite sustainable shoe brand?