ALRIGHT – GETTING FIT AT 46 DAY 1  – CHECK!  But, I must say it took me some time to get going.  Trihubby’s alarm went off at 4:30AM to get to the pool, but he turned it off  and rolled over, so I did, too. I got an extra half hour in bed.  Yeah!!  Okay, I can hear many of you going 5AM and yes, it’s disgusting I know, but I am a very early riser.  It was time to walk the dogs and get breakfast for my trihubby.  That’s just me – no apologies.  Once he was off, I sat around to gain my courage, had a bite to eat, and put on my sneakers.  Then, I just kind of looked down at my feet for a bit and stared…

I decided to take Max out for my first run.  Max is my youngest, smallest, and most full of energy pup.  I stepped outside and realized the roads to get to the path included cobblestone.  Ugh – flashback.  My initial reaction was “maybe I’ll start tomorrow”, but I kept going.  That’s why I brought my back up plan, Max!

Max and Dana running in Omaha.

Max, my running partner, taking the lead.

Pros to using Coach Max – he’s really inexpensive; he likes to keep going – only stopping at the occasional tree, so he kept me motivated; and when we got home, he left the big dogs alone for a few hours, which gave me some peace.  Cons – well there is only one –  he has a really fast pace that I’m not used to yet.  He literally would turn around and give me “a look” when he deemed I was too slow.

But, we did it.  We made it through town and to the path and then the bridge and by the time we were home, 2.5 miles were down.  Max retired to the couch and I went down to the gym to do a small arms workout my trihubby had taught me.  Smile on my face, it was time to make breakfast; a poached egg and grapefruit with a little honey.  Yum!

We had a great day and all my stress foods were avoided, including water in place of Diet Coke!  Our new pizza oven arrived, so we had clam pesto – okay, not for everyone – and meat sauce cheese pizzas for dinner.  Before anyone screams – PIZZA – how does that fit into your getting fit at 46, let me address the issue.


Pizza served ala Zucker style.

Our eating habits are one thing we don’t change in our house.  If you’ve read many of my articles and especially my recipes, you know we eat well and hey, I am married to a triathlete.  We eat organic, real, local, and as healthy as possible. (I will do a whole piece on this later, as there is so much information).  But for now, know we eat and love good food and don’t make it an issue.  For example, dinner pizza was on multigrain crusts with homemade sauces.  The cheeses were whole milk to keep them real; we don’t eat low or no-fat products and haven’t for a long time.

My issue comes outside of the house.  Like the Krispy Kreme donut I had when I took the kids to Bed Bath and Beyond for college supplies.  I don’t really keep processed food at home, so it’s only when I go out that the temptation arises.  This will be my daily struggle, as there are lots of temptations in my new neighborhood…

Overall, I would say I had a fit day.  Let’s get up and repeat tomorrow.