August 27, 2014

It was a tough, tough morning.  I knew that once I got up and got going, this would be the last full day I’d have to spend with Sydney before she officially became a college student.  But, I thought maybe if I stayed in bed, reality would just go away….Then this guy said, “it’s all a good thing and what’s meant to be.  Go for a run.  You’ll feel so much better”.  He was right!  Plus, if I stayed in bed, what would I have to right about for this entry of getting fit at 46!


My encourager…

As you all know, I run the Galloway Method, which entails running 3 minutes and walking 1 minute.  I have terrible arthritis and the two doctors I went to first, told me not to run.  That was not an option for me.  So, when I found my current doctor, I was so happy.  He basically told me to do what felt good and to stick with Galloway.   And, it seems to be working out for me just fine.

During my last walk at my mom’s, I ended up at the community gardens of Northampton and was so totally in my element and oh, so happy.  Each garden is just beautiful and unique and producing amazing vegetables and flowers.

The beautiful gardens of Northampton.

The beautiful gardens of Northampton.

The beautiful gardens of Northampton.

The beautiful gardens of Northampton.

On my last lap, I headed down the Hospital Trail again to find what I call the whale.  It is the coolest fallen tree that looks just like a whale. Don’t you think?


I see a whale. Do you?

I tend to check out my surroundings when I walk and sometimes just have to stop and take in the beauty.  Probably not the best thing for my workout, but it does wonders for my soul!

Well, the rest of the day was dedicated to my Sydney.  We had a wonderful lunch at a local goodeats restaurant in Saratoga Springs, long walks around town, and dinner at our favorite, Max London’s.  It ended up being a pretty awesome day.  Tomorrow will be another awesome day, especially for my Syd.  She is about to start what I hope is one of the best periods and adventures in her life.  I truly am just thrilled for what lies ahead for her.  Glad I had someone who told me to get up and go for that run…