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This says it all…

My house is filled with active people.  My trihubby works out 2-6 hours a day; dancer daughter dances 6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day; gymnast son works out 6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day; and then there is me.  At 45, I was fit.  I  ran almost everyday and did some small workouts at home.  Then I fell, literally,  and I fell hard during a run with my running group.  Like flat on my face, broken nose, and 8 stitches in and outside of my mouth kind of fall.

Dana after the fall while running.

I really feel as bad as I look…..

When my doctor gave me the all clear to run, I did make an attempt to get back in, but then I got scared.  I was so afraid of falling, so I stopped.  Then life interfered.  I had to sell our old house; arrange the move of our family to Omaha; finish building our new home; get the twins’ summer trip planned; get them through graduation – whew – then hubby was hit on his bicycle by a drunk driver; the move happened; and now I’m getting the twins off to college.  All good excuses, right?  Definitely NO, but I used them all anyway.

But like with all bad things, more often follows.  With the added stress, I added some comfort food, diet coke, and along with it, some extra pounds.  It’s not like I grew out of my clothes or anything; I am just not where I want to be.  I’m not fit and I’m upset!  I look at my family who are all in such great shape and I sometimes feel like an outsider.  They don’t say anything, but I worry they are thinking something.  More stress and the vicious cycle…

Recently, I have run a few times and went down to the gym in our building, but nothing worth writing home about.  But for some reason, something today clicked and I am officially making the change.  It is now being documented that I WILL GET FIT AT 46 and you are all my witnesses!  The twins will both be active in college – Sam is a diver on the Brandeis University Swim and Dive team and Sydney is double majoring in college, one being a BA in dance.  And hubby, well later today we will know more after his doctor’s appointment.  But right now, he is still in recovery mode – swims a little, goes for short runs, and jumps on the recumbent bike.  If he’s gotten back on the horse, so to speak, it’s now my turn…


Dana – Day 1 of Getting Fit at 46!

TODAY IS DAY ONE.  Follow along as I journey to once again join my family in the world of the physically fit…