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Life with our triathletes…

We have found over the years that living with a triathlete provides many unforgettable and often unbelievable statements that give pause. Some of what comes out of their mouths just has to be shared. But, we’ve also found it’s not just the triathlete that utters these comments; we’re often just as guilty as is the rest of the family. So, we decided in the spirit of being good trisupporters, we would share some of them. We have now been doing the quotes since November and will continue as long as they keep coming. We have faith in our triathletes that you’ll see these for many more months ahead. Plus, we’re sure you have your fair share, too. So, get ready to spill.

  1. Trihubby:  I have my bike fit today at Jack and Adams.  Want to come?  It’ll be fun.  Does he know me at all??
  2. Trihubby:  I wish there was a way to put the kids’ schedules in Training Peaks while you’re away this weekend.  So nice to be needed……
  3. Trihubby:  I just ordered some new shirts.  They’re dressy like my short sleeve IronmanXC and TYR sport ones.  Hard to believe this man is CEO of a company and has to dress for work.
  4. Triwife:  How did my new Philips headphones end up in YOUR briefcase?  Trihubby:  I thought you brought those back for me as a gift  for taking care of the kids while you were away.  Triwife:  They’re pink.  Didn’t that give you a clue they were mine?  Trihubby:  They are?  Triwife:  And, since when do you get something for taking care of the kids?  Trihubby:  Probably shouldn’t have said that one.  My bad.
  5. Triathlete/tridaughter at Coachella: Well, I mean Coachella is LIKE a triathlon.  We swam in the pool this morning, I did my long run in 100 degree heat, and dancing here is like plyometrics.  It’s an endurance sport; you’ve got to pace yourself…you walk about a marathon…everyone looks dead by the end of it…and you’re always wet cause you’re either showering sweating or swimming.  Tridaughter’s friend: You ok babe?  It’s about 101 degrees today and we’ve been out n the sun for hours.  Tridaughter:  Ironman has conditioned me to just put ice in your hat and keep moving forward.  Im fine.  But, I’m sorry I cheated on you by making love to about 4 different sprinklers along the way.


    Well, they say triathletes should do yoga…..

  6. Trihubby:  It’s a beautiful day for my 3 hour ride; right after I take a nap. And, he actually took a nap.  I thought he was joking, but I ran some errands and found him on the couch when I got home.
  7. Child asks:  Mom, are you going to track us on ecrumb when we’re at college.  Trimom after laughing to self, but realizing it’s not a bad idea:  Promise not to, as long as you wear your RoadID.
  8. Trihubby:  Crap. I slept through my alarm and didn’t get up until 5:20.  Now I have to swim AND bike tonight.
  9. Trihubby:  I’m leaving.  Triwife:  How long will you be gone?  Trihubby:  It’s 2 1/2 or 3. Geez. I told you earlier. (said with an exasperated sigh).  It is after all my job to remember this – thought with an exasperated sigh.
  10. Child who is a gymnast turned college diver:  Where are dad’s speedos?  I want to keep an extra one in the car.  I honestly just don’t know what to say to this one…..


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