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Our lives with triathletes…

We have found over the years that life with a triathlete provides many unforgettable and often unbelievable statements that give pause.  Some of what comes out of their mouths just has to be shared.  But, we’ve also found it’s not just the triathlete that utters these comments; we’re often just as guilty as is the rest of the family.  So, we decided in the spirit of being good trisupporters, we would share some of them.  We have now been doing the quotes since November and will continue as long as they keep coming.  We have faith in our triathletes that you’ll see these for many more months ahead.  Plus, we’re sure you have your fair share, too.  So, get ready to spill.

  1. Triwife:  What is this Gatorade doing here?  Trihubby:  Oh, you can throw it away.  It didn’t slushify enough?  Triwife:  What the heck is that?  Trihubby:  I don’t know, I just made it up.  But, I like it….Slushify added to the “words you only hear in a triathlon house”.
  2. Trihubby looking for new sunglasses:  Do you like this color?  I’m thinking it goes really nice with my bike.  Triwife:  Yes, but will it coordinate with your clothes?  Trihubby:  I really don’t have much control over this.  I get what XC gives me for the races.  Trihubby after he sees triwife’s look:  This is bad isn’t it?  You weren’t serious, were you?  You’re gonna write about this, aren’t you?  Triwife to herself:  Hell, yeah….And, as you can see…
  3. Triwife:  I had to go take a golf lesson and hit some balls.  I was so nervous with Carl racing and I’m not there.  I just had to get out of the house and forget about the race for awhile.
  4. Tridaughter after her friend, Danielle Kehoe, won her first Ironman Boulder:  So cool when your friends are amazing inspirations in your life.  Yes, it is, but you’re quite the inspiration yourself…
  5. Trihubby to triwife:  As much as I love Ironman events, I really miss you not being here.  Triwife sufficiently impressed.
  6. Triwife to triwife:  He’s feeling crappy, but will finish the race in Ironman tradition.  The receiving Triwife knew exactly what she meant.
  7. Triwife posing the question to friend:  Am I bad luck?  My husband has gotten world championship spots in last 2 races when I haven’t been there.  Triwife happy husband either hasn’t figured this out yet or is too nice to acknowledge.
  8. Trihubby to triwife after first post-accident run.  As we went down steps he said with a smile:  I love when my legs hurt.
  9. Trihubby after coming home from a 5 hour bike ride:  Hey, I’ve got a great new business for you.  Instead of a Taco Truck, drive around with an IV Truck looking for cyclists or runners in dire need of hydration or a pick-me-up.  Triwife:  Hmmm, actually….
  10. Triathlete tridaughter:  ‪#‎Triathleteproblems:‬ when you wake up with goddess hair and no one will ever see it, because you either have to run bike or swim first thing in the AM…
  11. Trihubby to triwife:  I really have to start training again.  I feel bad, because I’m not pulling my weight with content.