I love to hear the back stories of products.  When I heard the Maddy and Alex story, I got very intrigued and had to try their products.  As undergrads at the University of Denver, they decided to start a health food company, because they believe that everyone should have access to healthy food.  While they wanted to have great products, they also wanted to make true change.  So, Love Grown Foods was born.


Maddy & Alex at the launch of their Spread the Love tour. Photo credit Love Grown Foods.

I have a whole food house and it is rare that I bring in products like cereal.  We are fans of the Oat Clusters, however, especially on fresh yogurt.  So, when my friend, Lindsay Cotter, told me about this great new cereal made with beans – yes, I said beans – I was interested and willing to have a look and taste.

When the Power O’s arrived at our door, we were more than excited.  The twins said, “Really, we can eat this cereal”?  Bad timing, however, as they arrived a day after I had a major fail in a new black bean brownie recipe!  But, I had yet to tell them what the cereal was made with and so, they enjoyed a bowl before finding out.  They do eat beans, but like them as beans, not cereal.  Being adventurous eating kids and knowing their mom, however, they didn’t seem too surprised that I would give them cereal made from beans!!

We travel a lot and the twins were headed to college, so I am always looking for that perfect grab and go breakfast, and one the twins and my trihubby can get for themselves when I’m away.  So the taste test began…

We all loved the plain and honey, as did the pups – a few spilled on the floor…We enjoyed the cereal with milk, almond milk, and rice milk.  The flavors are great for kids or those wanting a little more sweetness.  The chocolate was my daughter’s favorite and she took a box and packed it in the food container for her dorm room.  She loves to eat dry cereal as a snack.  My son finished the strawberry over the course of 3 days.  He really loves a bowl of cereal after his workouts and having 4-6 grams of protein per serving, his needs were met.

My trihubby is a bit harder to please and given his training plan, said he loved the cereal and that they were filled with so much goodness, but would only use in place of snacks or nutrition during training.  Yet, I found him with a bowl full for breakfast the other day.  Given the navy beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans, it is packed full of the power he needs.  This is especially important since he is staying away from processed nutrition products and eating more real food for training.

As if all the goodness and awesome taste packed into the cereals weren’t enough, Love Grown Foods has a commitment to empowering kids through education to make healthy food and lifestyle decisions.  Their team actually work directly with schools to show how healthy foods can taste great.  This just happens to be a cause near and dear to my heart and is a key reason why I love what Maddy and Alex live by and will continue to support their Love Grown Foods products.


Practicing their mission. Photo credit Love Grown Foods.


Disclaimer:  While I did receive the product free of charge to taste test, my family had previously purchased and enjoyed the company’s Oak Clusters.  All opinions are strictly our own.