My daughter does not know how to eat an ice cream cone before it melts. I can blame this on many things, but I see two major reasons that may have lead to this, which I will explain. I trust you all know it is not my fault, but as her mother I will take full responsibility.

Let me set this up…

mom fail


It is a hot Sunday afternoon in Omaha, Nebraska. Yes, that in itself is scary to some. But, it is a hot afternoon in Omaha, Nebraska and David and I have decided to take the twins out for ice cream. Granted, the twins are 19 years old and one is going to college in Boston and one is headed to dance in NYC by herself. So, the whole idea of “taking them for ice-cream” sounds weird. But, I don’t care. I mean for goodness sakes, it has been 10 years since they have been home for the summer.

We have a World Famous Ice Cream Shop literally a block from our home. It is so good that here is always a line around the building and this day like all others, the line was long. Did I mention it was hot! Well, not one of the 4 of us was going to wait in that line – did I mention it was hot – so we decided to trek it another 2 blocks to a newer shop that sells soft serve with mix-ins.

mom fail

We arrived and the twins ordered. We decided to start walking home to enjoy our AC at home. Then came the call, “Help, the ice cream is melting faster than I can eat it”. I mean this girl had issues, like ice-cream down the arm to her elbow issues! David and I looked at each other and realized major parental fail. But, you could see a twinkle in his eye, which got me thinking about reason one.

Reason One. Her dear father, my husband, the good man he is, chose to spoil her and always “help” her out for his own benefit. Really, think about it, why should princess get sticky? Daddy should swoop in, take a huge bite, and lick around the edges to clean it up. So why would this be my fail if he was providing the clean up service. Because isn’t it always mother’s fault? But, I will admit it was so cute, even at the tender age of 19, to see daddy helping out his girl. I just couldn’t bring myself to yell, “Stop, teaching her”.

mom fail

Reason Two. Camp should have taught her. Why else did we send her? What did they teach her if not the fine art of eating ice cream before it melts in the heat?

Back story here that involves summer camp in NY and traveling the world…You see my twins left after school ended every summer and headed up to sleep away camp for 8 weeks and as they got older, they spent the summer traveling the world. So, this whole “she doesn’t know how to eat ice-cream” thing is new to me. I mean, if she is gone during the ice cream melting season, how could it be my fault…just saying.

So, as I see it, maybe isn’t mom fail after all. Maybe summer camp needs to take some responsibility and add this to its list of activities. But again, I am the mother. Maybe I should have made sure we traveled someplace hot for this specific reason; to learn how to eat ice cream before it melts…

So you tell me, is this mom fail? Do I still have time to teach her? In my book, I am mom and at the end of the day everything is my fault anyways….