mont tremblant luxury on the lake

Yes, Mont Tremblant happens to be a great race site and one of our favorite vacation spots, but it’s also a great spot to add a little luxury and romance to the mix. So, come on triathletes, time to treat that trisupporter in your life to some extra TLC!

When we have 5 race nights in Mont Tremblant, we try and make it about US, not just about the race. You can take advantage of what the area has to offer and add in the luxury to make YOU more relaxed and YOUR trisupporter happy. Remember, your trisupporter works very hard, too, and it takes both of you working together to get you to that swim start!

Okay, while we’re hoping your triathlete is reading this and planning a nice surprise for you, chances are it’s you, trisupporter, who’s doing the reading and will have to be the one making some plans to add a bit of spice to the trip…We can dream, can’t we?

is mont tremblant a good vacation spot for luxury and romance

Here are our top 5 Mont Tremblant activities to add in the romance:

Book a room at the Hotel Q, as we lovingly call the Hotel Quintessence. Each room is amazing in its own way, but some of our favorites are the larger suites, which give us room to spread out a bit, or the cottage, to be away from the main hotel. A must for me is a bathtub that sits in the room, so I can look out at the lake with the fire burning. These are the types of rooms you just don’t want to leave. As for race day, the hotel offers wonderful service and is a great location for hanging out to have breakfast, watch the run, and chill out.

can you find luxury and romance in mont tremblant

Book some spa time for you and your trisupporter at the Scandinave Spa. It is truly a special place. Book a massage and other treatments and spend the day, including a lot of time at the baths. There are other spas around you can try, but this is truly a special place!

Have a picnic lunch or dinner at the top of the mountain. If you want to really make the day special, or even a few hours, we have the thing to do. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and bring a picnic lunch or dinner, and take the gondola ride to the top of the mountain. Head to La Sandwicherie for wonderful sandwiches and a watermelon/feta salad. You can’t go wrong with their food, we promise!

Enjoy a romantic dinner at sEb L’Artisan Culinaire. This is one of our favorite places to be in Mont Tremblant. The menu is seasonal and the staff is amazing! The restaurant itself is small and romantic so make sure you make reservations. This is a true dining experience, so enjoy. Have a bottle of wine and don’t skip dessert!

sEb L

Just get out and explore. There are two places we love to be at in Mont Tremblant; on the lake or on the mountain. Arrange a canoe or kayak with the Concierge and get out on the lake. There are so many places to explore and the lake is very diverse. We always bring water and snacks. If you are not looking for an active time on the lake, work with the Concierge to arrange a private lake tour.

The other place we love is the mountain and you don’t need to go that far up to find wonderful places to sit and just be. We enjoy the waterfalls, just behind the activity area. It is not busy and we bring our books, find a place to sit, and many times, just take a little nap. Aaaah….

So, we hope this either sparks some romance or at least some more ideas for romance. Also, if you need more information check out Mont Tremblant – Places to Eat and Mont Tremblant – Things to Do! Have a great time…