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4:30 AM REALLY!!!!

Alarm goes off…..Wait, what time is it? It’s still dark…… 4:30am!? Aahhh….silence. He’s turned it off – must have been a mistake. 10 minutes later …….REPEAT. 10 minutes after THAT- ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He rolls out of bed, heads to the bathroom and turns on the light. I roll over and cover my eyes, trying, oh so trying, to go back to sleep. Then…

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The Good, The Bad, & The Sweaty – Sherry’s Story

Moving from LA to the east coast in 1997, my once hard-bodied man turned into a workaholic couch potato; snowstorms did not help the cause.  As you can imagine, this meant putting on the pounds.  It finally took seeing that “huge ass” (his words not mine) in one too many pictures to bring about change.  It started with joining a gym and progressed to signing…

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When the TriWivesClub began in 2013, we were three – Dana, Jodi, and Sherry – wives of triathletes.  However, we became two when Jodi had to step back earlier this year due to her full-time job!  While she is still a huge part of hearts and always will be and still contributes when she can, Dana and I have had to carry on ourselves. For…

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We’re so happy you found our blog. We hope you were actually seeking the seasoned wisdom of triathlete wives, but if not, give us a read anyway. Let us first introduce ourselves – we are Dana, Jodi, and Sherry – three wives of triathletes. (Pictures of us are forthcoming).  For those not as familiar with this sport, it involves 3 disciplines –swimming, biking, and running;…

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Breadmaking Day Made Simple!

Bread making day, made simple! I have taken the NYT No-Knead bread and I have adjusted to meet our needs. I make the actual bread two different ways. I use all organic ingredients. 2c bread flour, I prefer King Arthur 1c Whole Wheat Flour, I use Bobs 1 teaspoon Kosher salt Then add 1 3/4 cup warm and place 1/2 teaspoon yeast on warm water…

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Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe

Here’s an easy and delicious ramen noodle soup recipe that is healthy for your family and that they’ll also love. Try if for yourself. Thank goodness it has been rainy here is Austin, we need the rain! The rain also means, soup! So no homemade noodles. It was a major fail. I will keep working on them. I think I will ask for a pasta machine for…

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The Best Bread Ever

If you want an easy, delicious bread recipe that will make your kids say “that’s the best bread ever mom”, then try this recipe now! This is a bread recipe that I adapted once I found my very healthy husband had heredity pre diabetes and heredity high cholesterol. There is a lot you can add to it or change. Remember, cookbooks and books, read them,…

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