how to sneak a quick workout into your routine
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Sneaking In A Quick Workout Calls for Ingenuity

I did 50 squats, 40 leg lifts, tons of lunges, and jogged in place the other morning. I got in a serious 20 minute workout. By the time I got home, I was really sweating. Okay, so you’re probably going, “Big deal.  So did I”.  What’s the difference? I did mine while I was walking my dogs. For some reason, I started doing side leg…

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Tips for Cleaning Triathlete Bags and Luggage

With triathlon season quickly approaching, it’s time to think about cleaning all of the gear and bags, especially if you haven’t touched them during the year. Seriously! Just consider where your bags have been and what has gone into them…all that sweaty spandex and shoes. But, this doesn’t just apply to cleaning triathlete bags; it also applies to all of your luggage. And then there’s…

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How One Triathlete On Vacation Let Go Of The “T” Word

I am here to tell all you tripartners out there that it is possible to take a triathlete on vacation and NOT hear the “T” word, triathlon, mentioned; well, barely mentioned. Yes, it just happened to me… My triathlete husband and I recently returned from a 9 day vacation to Alaska. We were invited by his sister, along with her husband’s cousin. Having had such…

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how to make a chocolate zucchini bread
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Sugarpova Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe

I’ve certainly known all about Maria Sharapova and her amazing tennis accomplishments, but who knew we shared a passion; yes, I say passion, for all things sweet. And, not just any sweets, but perfect candies and most importantly, the perfect chocolate. Traveling the world, Maria had the opportunity to search for the chocolate she felt was right for her candy brand. She ended up choosing…

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What You Need to Know to Live Happily With a Triathlete

If you are reading this blog, you undoubtedly know that life with a triathlete isn’t all swimming with the dolphins, biking the countryside of Tuscany, or running through fields of lavender. It also comes with a few negatives! Yes, I said it. There are self-importance issues, family abandonment issues, laundry issues, and expense issues just to name a few. So, faced with such adversity, how…

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how to have fun feeding a multigenerational family
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Feeding a Multigenerational Family Affordably

Traveling with multiple family members and staying in one house can have its challenges. Luckily for my family, the benefits far outweigh those challenges, but issues do still arise. The one area we have mastered over the years is food. No matter which multigenerational family members you are with, there will always be those with special food needs and preferences.  We are very fortunate in…

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